Hot Mess: Miley Cyrus at the Hunger Games Premiere

Madonna‘s heyday may be long gone, but that’s not going to stop Miley Cyrus from paying homage to her idol. Unfortunately, she could have simply made a Madge-heavy playlist, but instead she chose to strut around The Hunger Games premiere in this ugly lace ensemble that not even the Material Girl would don in her ugliest 80s daydreams.

Was Miley trying to upstage her newly A-list beau, Liam Hemsworth? Or, even more terrifying, could this have been M’s attempt at subtlety?

Miley Cyrus Hunger Games Premiere

Photo credit: Splash News


  1. sarah Said:

    She looks like a beast!!!

  2. tessa Said:

    what the hell is she wearing??!?!?!!?!?!

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