Miley Cyrus in Manhattan: Her Worst Look Yet?

You know, I briefly thought that Miley Cyrus had a shot at pulling off her atrocious new haircut if she switched up her style from her usual disgruntled-Seattle-teen-in-the-90s to perhaps a sleek, mod, futuristic look. But no. Sadly she’s still laboring under the delusion that she’s Kurt Cobain’s asexual sister, strolling around my city in this god-awful getup.


How would you style MC to make that hair look something besides bizarre?



  1. psychokiller Said:

    Has she been taking drugs?

  2. Stolen1kiss Said:

    What is this haircute ? More horrible ? Impossible ! Miley cyrus was a talented and pretty sweet little girl from tenesse, now she is dressed like a striper while her shows and dressing like a goth in the streets. is miley trying to escape to her disney image ? Maybe but this time, she is gone too far. This is the no-return-point. Sorry darling, you’re out !

  3. lord411 Said:

    There is no way to save that… the only thing she should do is get a wig and hide the mop

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