Flirt Alert: Are Miley Cyrus And Justin Bieber Rebounding With Each Other?

Well, this just sounds perfect… My friends over at TMZ are reporting that Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber were doing some hardcore flirting this weekend at Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. Justin joined Miley a little before 2 AM, they laughed and flirted for about 15 minutes and then left together.

Also, earlier that day, Justin was spotted leaving MC’s house in his (gasp!) leopard-print Audi. They’re just going to claim that they’re working together and are just friends, but I think we know what’s really going on here.

Personally, I think these two are perfect for each other. They both have the same haircut so they can share products and styling tips:

miley cyrus justin bieber haircut


And they both love animal print, do it’d be easy for them to decorate when they shack up together.

leopard print

There are tons of other reasons these two would work, including the fact that I could kill two birds with one stone by making fun of both of them on one post, as opposed to having to do separate ones. Extra time in my day = more shopping and cocktails!

So, what are your thoughts on these two hooking up? Do you love or loathe the idea? Tell me in a comment below!

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  1. Valentina Said:

    Justin is so hot and Miley is gorgeous, and they both have to deal all the time with the pressure and with the negative comments from stupid people like u

  2. Laura Said:

    I <3 them both en Justin deserves someone nice :)

  3. Ima Said:

    Hate this idea…:/

  4. MX Said:

    I want Miley with someone else! I don’t really picture them together

  5. Haylee Said:

    With all the drama that follows the two of them lately, I think they’d be perfect for each other. But in all honesty, they both have similar lifestyles, so they wouldn’t have the problems with not understanding each others busy, crazy, media filled lives.

  6. anonim Said:

    loath, love them both but not together, I still ship justin and selena <3

  7. mathilde Said:

    I think they’d make a nice couple!

  8. Gossip Girl Said:

    Justin you were just ubsessing over Selena two weeks ago, and Miley does this mean that you and Liam are officially over? This is a case of the desperate and the cheater. Even if there were no strings attached any sane person would they are both too high maitnance for each other. But who doesn’t love to watch a Hollywood relationship go up in flames.XOXO
    Gossip Girl

  9. JC Said:


  10. Sometwo Said:

    all I can say is that he ruined a good car. EW!

  11. ANNA Said:

    hell yeah. they are both amazing, and share so much in common. they also get so much shit from the media but they’re still kings and queens at the top not giving a fuck about people like you. PREACH THEM

  12. TJ Said:

    “Personally, I think these two are perfect for each other. They both have the same haircut so they can share products and styling tips”

    i laugh so hard and I don’t know why..

  13. BEACHGIRL Said:

    honestly…mileys a dike so I think Justin would fit her qualifications just perfect!! <3 I say go for it you silly girls

  14. KATYLIN Said:

    Personally, I like the idea because Justin has a pretty face and so does miley, they both are talented singers and lets face it, if they love the idea, then we gotta too! – im in!!!!

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