Miley Cyrus Skipped the VMA After-Party to do What?!

In case you were wondering why Miley Cyrus seemed to go MIA after her raunchy VMA performance on Sunday, we finally have the answer. Contrary to popular belief, it had nothing to do with her being embarrassed about the audience reaction, and surprisingly didn’t involve a full-on drug binge (that we know of at least…) Instead, Miley was in the recording studio with Kanye West, who wanted to use their energy from the awards show to create sweet music together for a remix of KW’s “Black Skinhead.”

“He was in a creative mood,” a source said of the impromptu late-night recording session. “You know ‘Ye: He does everything last minute… They decided that night.”

So, there you have it. Looks like we can expect a twerk-worthy version of the song coming soon. Do you think this collab is exciting, or is Kanye just not controversial enough to be working with our wild and crazy Miley?

miley cyrus kanye west



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  2. Samatha Said:

    I really can’t stand Miley Cyrus! She’s so.. awful! I hate hate hate her and her music sucks!

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