New Couple Alert: Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz

Looks like someone has wasted no time in moving on. I hear that Miley Cyrus is not hiding the fact that she’s dating Twilight hottie (and Liam Hemsworth lookalike) Kellan Lutz. My spies caught the twerk queen giving her new beau a kiss during a party at Beacher’s Madhouse in Las Vegas this weekend. But don’t worry–in true MC fashion, she still had no problem grinding up on some other guys on the dance floor. She’s just being Miley…

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus Instagram

While Kellan recently denied rumors that they were dating saying he was “happily single,” my sources say the two are definitely hooking up. They were first spotted a few weeks ago at an airport amid rumors they were vacationing together in the Bahamas. And now, I hear Kel will be MC’s VIP date for New Year’s Eve during her performance Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Concert.

kellan lutz


Could MC have found her next future fiancé or is this fling going to be over before the clock strikes midnight on NYE? Give me your predictions in a comment below, dolls. XOXO



  1. XOXO Said:

    Such an amazing upgrade, & bettter in my opinion! Geeeeettttt it!

  2. Jenn Said:

    I hope this is the real deal! If so, props to Miley finding an equally hot guy as Liam!

  3. Maxey Said:

    OMG. Kellan, what the hell are you thinking. You were such a classy guy and now this? Is the dating world in LA so bad you have to resort to the skank of the year to date? Hope you use full body protection. No descent girl in LA will want anything to do with you after her. And your friend’s ex? How trashy. Not a fan of you anymore big guy. So disappointed that you have associated yourself with this tramp.

  4. alicefrenchgirl Said:

    great! sacré Miley! aha we’ll see

  5. Rebelisious Said:

    Well I think Kellen is a genius because this is getting him publicity! And even though he can do way better she’s the most talked about person of 2013! So why not jump on the mc train for an wash ride for the summer!

  6. toti Said:

    I think that Kellan and Miley should date, they would be a great couple.
    And I also think that Kellan’s really hot ;)

  7. Monica Said:

    I think Miley needs this , a guy who actually be there for her , whos better than Kellan ? If Liam didn’t know what he losed,because after all Miley did love him as much that the Wrecking Ball song was for him!!! So huys dont judge people by ur opponions and internet!! This is pure hate ;)

  8. KRYSTAL Said:

    Yep they should date first cutest couple of 2014

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