Miley Cyrus Uses Her Phone To Remind Her of Lyrics at Concert

Spotted: Miley Cyrus singing a cover version of “Landslide” during her Bangerz tour, and while I must give her props for how awesome it sounds (however much it kills me to admit), I can’t help but give her a “Hot Mess” rating for everything else about her performance. Observe, minions:

First and foremost, can we talk about how she’s looking at the lyrics on her phone? But who am I kidding–she can’t even remember the words to her own songs, why would MC remember these?

Moving on to her shirt… In case the people in the last row couldn’t see her face from that far away, at least they can see the massive one on the front of her tee… and the back!

And that hat... did she steal it from an old lady playing the slot machines in Vegas?

But if you cover your eyes and just listen, it’s quite a magical experience, isn’t it, darlings? Do you love MC’s version as much as I do, or is it just as horrible as her fashion choices?

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  1. Sarah Said:

    It’s so sad, she has such an amazing voice! I’ve always classed myself as a fan of Miley’s but I never watch any of her videos. I love her voice and her songs but she seems to be getting worse, more tacky. If she really wanted to shed that Disney image, that time has long since past, she’s shed it and soo much more!

  2. Lize Said:

    Not HER SONG!!!! and her version sucks!!!

  3. GEORGE Said:

    miley is great she just soul searchin

  4. Elizabeth Jackson Said:

    I love some Mickey Cyrus but daam that performance just about made me hate her.. how dare she butcher that beautiful song… I’m disgusted uggghhhh

  5. kristen Said:

    Cut her a break losers. She hasn’t covered the song in 2 YEARS. It’s not even an official song included in her concert, it was just a bonus to share a song she loved to her fans. Her cover is fantastic. People always want to find something to b*tch about. At the end of the day, she is getting the attention she wants & is driving her sales up HUGE. Plus, she is modest and you never hear about her disrespecting people like screwup biebs. Rock on miley <3

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