Miley Cyrus Arrives at Nightclub Fully-Clothed; Leaves In Bra

Things must have gotten hot inside Madame Jojo’s nightclub in London on Thursday night… my British spies reported that Miley Cyrus arrived at the nightclub wearing a black blazer over a red tee, but left donning just her Versus Versace bra. Looks like someone can’t be tamed…

Miley Cyrus in underwear- afterparty at Madame Jojo's Night Club


MC and her friends danced the night away to 90s music along with Kate Moss. Not sure exactly when her clothes came off, but I’m betting it was sometime between “Good Vibrations” and “No Scrubs.”

I won’t even begin to comment on her outfit–we’d be here all day, and I have many more celebs to attend to. But what are your thoughts on Miley’s wardrobe change–sexy or skanky?


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  1. Anonymous Said:

    it’s neither sexy or skanky… it’s stupid

  2. jasmine Said:

    picture of a girl who no longer cares what the world thinks. if shes having fun and accepted by people in her own circles well damnation to the world. its a pity that miley has grown up to be one of billions who no longer care about keeping something secret. suppose it doesnt help with the media and the environment she has grown up in. its a pity look harder shes certainly going through something and honestly shes got to have the strength to move out of that place shes in right now.

  3. Brittany Lamb Said:

    Everything she is doing is no one else’s business. She’s an adult now. She’s not showing off her nipple or naked boobs, she’s not putting her vag. Out in the open for everyone to see so why does it really matter what she is wearing or doing etc. Let her be like all the other famous people out there and enjoy the time they have before they are not popular anymore. Yes I can’t say to young girls she is a good role model but she hasent killed herself or harmed anyone else with anything she is doin

  4. Paige Johnson Said:

    not that big of a deal, she is covered.

  5. Anonymous Said:

    This isn’t even bad. Some girls do dress like this at night clubs. It looks like something she could workout in even.

  6. FEADERS Said:

    just wow. Miley just needs to stop.

  7. Annoymous Said:

    Skanky. I know you’re a performer but you’re out in public. Grow up kid.

  8. lily Said:

    miley is perfect,the way she is.i dont know why so many people hate her like wtf.

  9. Susan Said:

    I feel sorry for her dad I’m total fan of his and feel so sorry to have a daughter that turned out like that . She needs a good lesson in common since and show more respect to her dad then showing and acting the way she does

  10. Robert benoit Said:

    For all you people who don’t like this pic you guys need to back off. Because all the club’s I have ever been 2 even overseas the girls looked slutier than that she looks fine leave her alone

  11. Hannah Said:

    So, she was at a club, “dancing the night away”. Is it not entirely plausible that her body temperature increased significantly while exerting physical energy in a crowded nightclub? To remedy the risk of overheating, she removed some layers. I don’t think it should qualify for skanky. Quite frankly, it shouldn’t even be a topic of interest.

  12. Sandi Said:

    I think people should leave her alone, She isn’t hurting anyone (Well besides herself) And she’s enjoying life. She’s rich she can do this. I personally love her and I am older. Her music is awesome (most of it) and shes def talented. If I had money and was young and famous I’d wanna have fun too!!!

  13. Bzapp Said:

    Sexy, but don’t ever refer to her as “MC”. There’s only one MC, and I don’even have to say her name

  14. Emily Said:

    I think it’s fine. I’ve seen girls in public wearing much less. And Susan, it’s clear common SENSE isn’t something everyone has.

  15. Kikks Said:

    So she took her shirt off and danced in her bra. big deal. It’s not like it’s a revealing bra. I’ve seen people wear less in club. Stop being so judgemental

  16. LahLah Said:

    To many people care. To much of other people n not about there selves until your perfect stop caring so much what shes doing shes who she is face it! She aint guna change cuz 100 people dont like her theres millions that lovee her!! Including me!! I love the new miley!! Lol keep your head up miley your gorgeous!!!! :)

  17. Nicoka Nostra Said:

    All she had to do was remove that shirt she had tied around her waist and it would’ve matched. Maybe she got hot dancing. Not to many women can drop the shirt and have an outfit still with their bra included. She’s young, let her explore and find herself before media and tabloids DESTROY HER. NOT SKANK, JUST YOUNG AND STILL LEARNING LIFE.

  18. Cheryl Said:

    Really!! anything to get attention, i think she’s nothing but a spoiled brat..I have no respect for her, plus she has no respect for herself or her fans.

  19. Kelly Shields Said:

    She is grown. If big girls can dress like that and worse….why cant she. Shes built for it. So what that she has no ass…at least she dont have a bunch a fat hangin out everywhere. Leave this woman alone.

  20. Marissa reyna Said:

    There’s nothing wrong I like that versus I have some of my own an I excessive in them

  21. Laura Said:

    perhaps how more attention you give here how more she will do these things… after all attention is attention.

    Besides she is also only human and perhaps she is just tired of trying to be perfect.

  22. tessan brown Said:

    You ppl need to leave her alone and get a life,unfortunetly the media gets its hype off her and only feel good about itself talking about miley because there life revolves around miley life, there so many celebs they can write about and take pics of,for the love of god leave the girl alone,most of u ppl don’t know what your own daughter doing but you have the to be posting about other ppl life like WTF…F**k off die or something

  23. lesha Said:

    The media obviously does not realise that the more attention u give to mylie the more she guna do…. here’s something leave her alone an see how she acts… not that hard

    go mylie :) love ya x

  24. Alexandra Said:

    Holy crap, whether people like to admit it or not she is extremely successful, gorgeous, talented, wealthy and smart. She doesn’t care what people think at all, so kudos to her. People need to get lives instead of hating on her clothes or music because she is bringing in 150 million a year and could care less. Plus she still has so many fans who love to watch her perform. She knows how to get attention to herself and does whatever she feels she needs to do, and for that i say GO MILEY!!

  25. mandy Said:

    You know instead of blasting her find out why the shirt came off if you really have to know. She could of had a fan came up and decided to give her shirt to her or someone in the club ruined their shirt so she did the nice thing and gave her shirt to that person.

  26. Deviane Said:

    Well I love Miley!!!! but the real question do you see eyes….

  27. joanneee Said:

    LEAVE HER ALONE. She’s being herself. Who cares? Quit being judgemental and Miley live her life.

  28. Riley Said:

    She looks sad .-. she’s either high, drunk, or she’s been crying. I don’t get why everyone bashes her for her life choices. No is perfect and the one’s who judge and criticize her are hypocrites.

  29. Golden Said:

    Uhh that’s a normal outfit in L.A!

  30. No name Said:

    Leave miley alone do you have any idea how many people do that out in the real world but you don’t see spies trying to talk shit about us, and I’m pretty damn sure that you have wished you could have undressed in a club, well miley just did she is her own person and is not the only one in the world who has ever done that your all rude people who need a life
    Just cause miley’s living her life slightly differently to how your living yours doesn’t make her weird or a skank it means she’s herself

  31. Jordan Said:

    I see this alot everywhere, its not bad, I mean, come on people, she has been dancing the night away in a hot nightclub, im also guilty for taking my shirt off, why am I not in these blogs etc? Oh yeah, because theyd make no publicity writing sweet nothings about me, miley looks great and its no different to an outfit GaGa or Madonna would wear on a formal catwalk yet she gets the shit end of the deal, I dont get it

  32. Shanaynay Said:

    Wish I had her careless attitude tbh, would kill for that confidence! Go Miley

  33. mary F Said:

    she reminds me britney

  34. mette therkildsen Said:

    I’m just here to say that, MILEY FUC**NG CYRUS IS THA SHIT, c’on people. she just doing her thang and whats the problem by seeing her belly, and sometimes some as’n boobs, we all fucking know whats under the clothes anyway so get over it.. people shouldn’t be ashamed or scared to show some skin, we are all born the same, woman as woman and men as men, what’s the big deal…
    free the nipple. btw theres no one who seem to have a problem about adam and eve being naked just saying. we r born naked.

  35. annamarie Said:

    shes skanky cause she cant keep her clothes on

  36. shawn Said:

    you all need to get a life and get over it. you all make me laugh hahahah she is who she is and it’s about time she started acting her age lol

  37. ignoraaaaaaaaaaaaa Said:

    sencillo el que este libre de pecado que tire la primera piedra

  38. Jennifer Said:

    Get a grip people. She is a legal adult. At least she is not Selena Gomez and not in and out of rehab with Beiber doing her drugs all over the country. Let her live her life. Is she hurting you? I am sure everyone posting on here that is negative lives a perfect sinless live. Look in the mirror before you judge her.

  39. Veronica Said:

    Honestly, it’s Miley’s business. Personally, I am a big fan of Miley. She was forced into some bubble gum popstar childhood and she didn’t want that image anymore. What 21 year old woman would? I think what she’s doing is great. She’s showing people that she’s gonna be who she’s gonna be and she doesn’t care if someone else doesn’t like it. Props to her and what she’s doing and a big middle finger to those who criticize.

  40. Kristen Johnson Said:

    Her outfit is not the thing that stands out to me. She looks coked out. That’s what concerns me. I grew up watching Miley through her innocent years and I still see the genuine person inside of her. Partying and doing drugs is socially excepted in her crowd and she won’t seek clarity any time soon. I just hope she takes it slow, for her own health’s sake.

  41. Lila Said:

    Madame Jojos is a Burlesque club, and usually when people go there for a night out they get dressed up to go, most of the time in corsets or 1950s clothing. (There’s a Burlesque show before the nightclub starts) and it gets HOT in London and hot inside places. A belly top/midriff showing is quite normal in central London, especially around Soho! And especially when people are going out on the lash and pub crawling. And especially when people are drunk, high and/or smoking outside.

  42. Shelley Said:

    Hey Come on people do you not rem when we were her age and we dance most of the night we got hot and tryed to cool down by taking off shirts if we were to hot so let her enjoy her life now while she is young and rem we were all like that when we were young

  43. mz.mtz Said:

    Miley is a grown woman if she wants to dress lik this let her I mean damn u see worse n pornos but yall dont say shyt abt tht do yall hell no o wen sluty ass girl post vids or pik of there pussy or tits on fb yall dont say shyt yall lik it and get on with yalls day so nikkas stop hating n get on with yalls live n out her buisness yall dont want anyone n yalls so stay out of her cuz at the end of the day she makes more than any of yall so let her live her life n yall stay the fuck out of it jst t

  44. jovan Said:

    It is neither. Sexy would be seeing Miley Cyrus completely naked, with a dildo in her hand.

  45. Mary Said:

    People should get a life and stop concentrating on other peoples matters. Its is her life and whatever she does with it should be none of anyone’s business.

  46. Fernando van der Kraats Said:

    The girl is still young and is mainly emjoying her youth, for a 22 year old, why should she be judged on anything she does, just because she’s famous? Just because she’s a star that a lot of youths look at as very inspirational, she’s still an ordinary young adult doing what young adults do, which is too explore life.. im pretty sure everyone of the public people has had that point where they were the same age, either did the same or something similar

  47. tay Said:

    There is nothing wrong with her outfit. Its really not skanky or scandalous. She looks like she had a great time with a smile on her face. Leave the chick alone. Let her enjoy her life. She was a famous child actress and she is grown and has full control over what she does. Who wouldn’t want to be able to enjoy their money and life on their own terms?

  48. martino Said:

    even if you hate her to the core ….u aren’t richer than her
    what about you hater look for a way to get richer than hating her…fucking duchbag

  49. ley xavier royce Said:

    sorry to say this but i liked miley more at the time when she wore cloths #disapointed#

  50. nunya Said:

    She must have got hot. Dancing does that.she looks fine. Ive seen girls wear less at clubs.

  51. madisson Said:

    It’s typical Miley Cyrus behavior. I’m actually alright with this though, it’s still not as much skin as she usually shows. And you gotta admit, she does have a nice body. Wrecking ball= a little much. This pic= not so bad.

  52. Vikki Burtonile Said:

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  53. big dick Said:

    That outfit is cute jus not on here no boobs hips nothin

  54. nereyda Said:

    Well, do not wear more than 3 colors, it will clash. On the other hand look at those abs! If i was her i would want to show them off but in a more tasteful way. Crop top or even that top is fine but the plaid shirt just killed my vibe. That top with some high waisted pants, or nah? those bottoms have got to go and the plaid shirt too. Does anyone know what those bottoms consist of? Its like tights under underwear and leg warmers. Put the plaid shirt around her neck & make her a superhero!

  55. Tash Corcoran Said:

    If she’s having fun who cares!! It’s her life not yours so why would you care!?!

  56. Miss It Said:

    I used to love Miley and how she changed herself but now I am bored of hearing about it all! She has gone too far too many times and this is just another chance for people to talk about her and for her to be in the spot light!

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