Scene & Heard: Miley Cyrus Makes Fun of Relationship With Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus Z100 jingle ball at MSG


You know what they say, dolls: Diamonds are forever, but some most relationships are not. And this isn’t groundbreaking news or anything, but the majority of Hollywood couples–including everyone’s favorite hot mess exes Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth–fall in the latter category.

Luckily for us, it appears as though Miley is not done talking about her failed relationship. During her concert in Phoenix, the twerk queen brought Matt Peterson (that guy who desperately wanted to take her to prom) up on stage and had him strip (I’m done trying to understand why…). He then got down on one knee to give her the corsage, and in front of an entire arena full of Smilers, Miley managed to diss Liam. “I’ve been in this position once before,” she said, “and it didn’t go so well the last time a guy got on one knee for me, but hopefully this will be better.” Oh, snap!

Watch the clip below to see her also admit to being “a little gay” and dirty dance with her high school fan! Even after all the crazy things she’s done on tour, was bringing Liam into it the most inappropriate? Or is all fair in love and breakups?

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  1. ana Said:

    How was that a diss? She was telling the truth. Slow news day for you?

  2. Ashleigh Said:

    I think she’s just trying to make light of a bad situation. She was pretty affected over their break up, maybe this is her saying she’s finally accepted things and can joke about it.
    I do think if she had the intention to diss Liam, then that is taking it way to far… That guy has been nothing but kind and (tried to be) understanding and he just couldn’t take it anymore. No guy should be dissed for self preservation, especially when your ex-fiancée went through a rapid change like Miley did.

  3. Eve Said:

    If you would have taken the time to look at a few more, better videos of this event you would know that Miley didn’t ask the kid to strip. He began to remove his jacket on his own and his shirt was open.

  4. kristoper Said:

    miley is so hot and i mean it

  5. jennifer hayden Said:

    ppls grow up. shes grown, shes dealing with grown problems. shes dealing with it. as Michael Jackson said!!!!”leave me alone.!!!” that’s whats she should do a remake of leave me alone!!!1

  6. a Said:

    yea that wasn’t a diss….

  7. Michael Said:

    i am a stage technician in Philadelphia and i do a lot of rock and roll and Broadway shows..Been doing this since 1979 to present. i was there when Madonna started and everyone judged her , lady gaga ,cher,Cyndi Lauper, we all know what they became , some of the best female entertainer’s of all time. If i was a betting man i would bet on Miley…..She is her Own,Unique,Original,one of a kind, And lets face it she can sing…This is her time… She will grab it!! i Will bet on it

  8. Brianna Said:

    She’s not giving the breakup or her ex any attention whatsoever. It’s a joke and is clear she’s over it. Get it girllll (;

  9. Jeremy Heffington Said:

    She didn’t Miss him at all… Just being real… Thought it was sweet to do that for Matt… Bet it was an amazing experience for him… I just LOVE Miley!!!

  10. Brittany Said:

    Slow news day AND false reporting… or fabrication, I should say. She didn’t diss Liam, but nice try. She made a joke- just like this story is a joke!

  11. ellez Said:

    Some people don’t like Miley and think that she is a slut or she’s gone wrong, but they are the ones who are wrong. She totally got up from the ugly breakup and is honestly owning her new self. I am so inspired by her.

  12. LP Said:

    I don’t think it was very classy of her to try to make light of her failed relationship, but no one is accusing her of being classy… Nothing she does really shocks me anymore.

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