Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth’s Romance Rundown: Are They Still Together?

As I told you ages ago, Miley Cyrus and fiance Liam Hemsworth are D-O-N-E, thanks largely to man-eater January Jones…or are they?

In the midst of a tabloid frenzy declaring the pair over, split, officially OFF, I spied Liam pulling up to MC’s house just yesterday afternoon. Of course, I did reveal that he still lives with Miley so maybe his arrival was just business as usual.

For Miley’s part, she’s dealing with the rumors the only way she knows how: cryptic Twitter pics:

miley cyrus


MC posted this snapshot, of her in a wedding-esque dress, perhaps hinting that she’s still set to be a bride. Plus, a source insists that while their romance has been “rocky,” the duo are still going strong.

Pfft, color me less-than-convinced, darlings. If you ask me, these two are never ever getting back together…but what do you think? Will true love prevail?

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  1. thecutest Said:

    Miley is the next celeb in line for a massive breakdown. Apparently, he’s just sticking around until she’s no longer fragile enough to lose it.

    If bat-sh*t is rocking out in her wedding dress, and he’s still banging Ms. Jones, then she’s got bigger problems than Liam will EVER be able to solve for her.

    But I hope they do make it. It’s nice to see young kids get it right early on.

  2. thecutest Said:

    Uh, I’m sorry, but I just looked at Liam Hemsworth. Ick! Why are bitches fighting over him? He ain’t no Gosling!

  3. Cathrine Said:

    Hahahaha, nice said #thecutest ;)
    I do agree with you, but it all seem like a publicitystunt in my eyes… Look at how many posts GG has writtng about them, just saying…

  4. majan Said:

    Dear GG, you can’t seem to move on with K. Stew and Miley Cyrus.. move on girl! You know there is this saying that goes, “the one who tries to pull you, is already behind you”. you’re behind everybody else you’re trying to pull down. you have this so-called “crab-mentality” :p

  5. Paige Said:

    God I hope he’s done with her. He can do soo much better! & I really can’t believe the cutest’s comment that he’s unattractive! Really??! To each his own I guess…. & as for Miley…ick. Just ick.

  6. Terka Said:

    Hi GG. I think that Miley and Liam are great couple. :)

  7. joblo Said:

    I don’t care about them one way or the other, but it’s so easy to comment on this site I just had to say something. Any word on a pre-nup?

  8. diana Said:

    they should both just forget about each other grow up and move on

  9. KATYLIN Said:

    WHy cant true love prevail, if they are going to get married id say, be serious about it. However, who really knows whats going on, you know what they say, misery loves company <3

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