WTF Alert: Miley Cyrus Makes Creepiest Mask You Will Ever See

It looks like Thursday night was just another regular night for Miley Cyrus. She took a bath (and Instagrammed it), played with her dogs (and Instagrammed it) and made the creepiest effing mask that has ever graced Instagram (and, of course, Instagrammed it).

Wait…what was that last thing? Oh yes. In Miley’s continuing Insta-weirdness, she posted a mask that she fashioned out of what appears to be miniature teddy bears. 

I mean…what? I get up in arms enough when Taylor Swift does domestic things like arts and crafts, but at least her end results aren’t currently haunting my nightmares. Miley’s art projects, on the other hand, is too bizarre to be unseen.

Miley, doll, stick to your regular, expressive face. Instagram is creepy enough without this nonsense. XOXO

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images


  1. elise el badas Said:

    j’aime tes films

  2. sacha Said:

    she’s obviously trying to copy Kanye and his masks

  3. G L Said:

    So what? She’s creepy regardless of what’s on her face.

  4. Charles P Said:

    So the mask makes her “bear faced” (bare faced, get the joke?).

  5. Russ Said:

    How in the world does someone with so little taste, brains or value end up with so much money – while people like me have to struggle to feed our families and pay our taxes?

    I suggest a ‘worthless individual’ 99% federal income tax rate.

  6. Anonymous Said:

    Luv me some Miley

  7. Robert R. Reichert Said:

    If you don’t like her don’t watch. The pop world is littered with tacky and tackier. She’s going through a phase and hopefully it will pass. However, unlike many of her peers, she can actually sing very well and as the photo shows, she is a beautiful girl.

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