WTF Alert: Miley Cyrus Makes Out With a Female Fan at Her Concert

Miley Cyrus 2014 New Years Eve Celebration


Note to self: keep my perfectly puckered lips away from the general vicinity of Miley Cyrus, who can’t keep her lips off of, well, anyone…. Just a week after MC made out with Katy Perry at her concert in LA, she was spotted playing tongue twister with a fan in the front row of her Vegas show.

Funny enough, Miley wiped her face immediately after, just as Katy had done when they locked lips. But she insists it wasn’t out of disgust (right, because nothing could disgust her…) “I wasn’t wiping of[f] your kiss pretty girl just your dark lipstick that was all over my face,” Miley tweeted. “Thanks for coming to the show mystery babe x.”

Want to see the madness with your own two eyes? I got my hands on a video:

I can’t decide if Miley is doing this for publicity or if she just genuinely enjoys swapping mouth germs with strangers. Either way, this might be the first time I listen to the rule, “If you don’t have anything nice, shut your mouth,” because goodness knows I don’t want it to be open anywhere around her. You know you love me. XOXO

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