Not So LOL: Miley’s Movie Flops

I for one was looking forward to Miley Cyrus‘ new movie, LOL, since it–wait, it didn’t feature a shirtless Liam Hemsworth? Nevermind then. Unfortch for Miley, it appears that other moviegoers had the same whateverish attitude towrads the flick, which drew in a laughably pathetic $46,000 during it’s opening weekend.

Perhaps Miley should have concentrated less on her private life (and parts) and more on promoting her movie, no?

Miley-Cyrus' movie LOL flops at the box office




  1. Emmagossip Said:

    Anyway, the french version (the original one), will always be better ;)

  2. Farhaanah Said:

    Can’s say we didn’t see that one coming…

  3. avril Said:

    ela kinodu

  4. avril Said:


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