Cute or Ew: Watch Miley Cyrus’ MTV Unplugged Performance

When I heard that Miley Cyrus was planning to do an MTV Unplugged show, I thought it a fabulous idea; she could show off her surprisingly amazing vocals without all that twerking, midget nonsense. Alas, minions, I was wrong. Leave it to MC to get the whole thing backwards and ditch the keyboards but keep the people in animal costumes. I can’t say I’m surprised, really. I mean, remember her promo poster? Shudder!

But I was shocked that, for some reason, she add a country music twist to the special. Wait, what?

Yes, the entire show had a Western spin, from the backing music to MC’s bizarre costumes to plaid, everywhere. She even put a twang to her tunes! I told you last week that she belted out Dolly Parton’s classic hit “Jolene” at a pre-Grammy’s bash and looked oh-so-comfortable reveling in her country roots, but do you think her Unplugged performances were equally awesome? Check out a few…

Kind of strange, don’t you think? I actually feel that the country twist could’ve worked beautifully on MC’s songs had she not done it in such a kitchy, hokey way with all that lame costuming and of course, of course, the twerking. Sigh.

But then there was hope, loves! Her stripped down version of “Adore You” was breathtaking (yes, I just said that) and I just wish Miley would concentrate more on showcasing her beautiful vocals than resorting to cheap tricks.

And tell me what you thought about the cameo by Miley’s idol, Madonna. I feel like Miley will end up just like Madge: desperate for attention and unable to accept that she’s growing older. But when I put it like that, maybe she already is Madonna 2.0…XOXO.


  1. Hannah Said:

    Ugh, honestly, she needs to stop. She’s a very talented singer but I mean, this is just ugh. Try approaching it a bit more classy? Nobody likes trashy. At least, most people don’t.

  2. Julia Said:

    Totally agree! I love her voice but she looks an awkward boy and there are some things that you should be embarassed about and she will be in some years! Live your life to the fullest but dont ruin it!

  3. rly? Said:

    Okay, lets us think a little, maybe it took her some time, to get into the ‘Sexual’ age. And now she is living it. Her outfit was normal, but eh, that backsex? I totally love her voice, and she is a very sweet person, but she is telling us that she dont want to be miley cyrus anymore, and we have understood. But miley, dont be a fame-whore now.
    Your songs is so good. The thing u wanted to confirm in the Wrecking ball music video, that she dosent have anything back after liam broke up with her >

  4. rly? Said:

    its pretty normal to do wierd things in a music video, we all know that. But to do it live? Naaaah. Miley, please, i beg you. Think before you do this. First at all, all these 14- childrens know you, and they se these music videoes and im pretty sure that some of them is like ”Wooow, shet. Im horny” ”Ugh, what is she doing, but good song.”
    Adore music video? I dont understand, why to masturbarting in a music video?.. But again, very good song.

    I miss the long hair Miley, but even i >

  5. rly? Said:

    called her Hannah Montannah or Miley cyrus, but things have to change, and she wanna be like that, she want to be known as that, but if i was u, and 10 years into the future, and if i looked back at what i did ‘right now’ i would be crying, and shamed.


  6. Anastasia Said:

    Oh God, Miley is fine guys. Stop commenting her! If she twerks you call her a slut. Now that she isn’t, you call her trashy and an awkward boy. Like, seriously? You keep commenting everybody than the voice. Which is what actually matters on a singer. And it’s beautiful. So mind ur own business, cause Miley is making millions anyway. Love her!

  7. Mjess Said:

    I love Miley’s music, she´s got an awesome voice, but i definitely don´t like watching her… Her mtv unplugged was way more creepy that what i expected.

  8. ianamary Said:

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