Triple Hot Mess: Miley Cyrus at the Myspace Event

Gold jewelry, gold sandals, gold nail polish… all perfectly acceptable to don (if done right, of course). Gold teeth? No. No. No!

Miley Cyrus, who is apparently really getting into this hip-hop thing, was spotted at the This is Myspace event last night testing my patience with a hideous gold grill. And darlings, that’s not even the beginning….


WTF are those pants? Half baggy mom jeans, half sweatpants? Did you think to yourself, “How can I offend the institution that is the Hollywood red carpet?”

Need I go on? Okay, if you insist… The baggy 80s leather jacket? Lame. The safety pin in your ear? No. The hair? Blech.

And throwing on a pair of Louboutins won’t make this outfit any better. The fact that they were even a part of this monstrosity is blasphemous.

What do you guys think of Miley’s outfit? Are you cutting her some slack because she’s just being Miley, or is there no excuse for this sartorial behavior?

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  1. frenchgirl Said:

    so sad she doesnt have any good fashion taste, she could be so prettier with the right outfit

  2. Linda Said:

    Apparently any attention is good attention when you are “famous”. Some people will do anything to stay in the fading limelight.

  3. sophie Said:

    you should shut your fuck up. probably neither of you are as pretty as she is. leave her alone. she’s sooooo gorgeos, no matter what she wears

  4. Mary Janet Said:

    This girl is trying wayyyyyyyy too hard to look bad ass… Jus not working for her! Look what Rihanna’s done to these girls!!!! Ratchet!!! She’s a white girl trying to be gangster jus doesn’t do it for me! Poor Miley… Trying to find herself!

  5. lili Said:

    i L.O.V.E. her outfit. you suck. kss

  6. Cherry Said:

    This girl is GROSS…Like,totally GROSS…

  7. Irsalina Said:

    The ‘ganster’ things is not fit her at all. Just saying

  8. Jesse Said:

    It’s a MySpace event why the fuck do you care

  9. Mrs. Correct-itude Said:

    I’m always miffed at the Negative Nancy’s in these comment sections.
    Seriously, before you comment please stop to consider some quick questions:
    1) Do you like Gossip? You must, otherwise why stop by GG?
    2) Do you like fashion? If not, well.. that’s misguided.. give it a few years.
    3) If your favorite idol of the moment (Rihanna, Beyonce, whoever) trashed Miley, Justin or whomever else for something like this.. you’d be in complete agreement. But darlings, GG says it so it’s jealousy? As if!

  10. Kate Said:

    She kinda has a bad Gwen S. look lmao

  11. Cracra Said:

    It really strange how everyone seems to wanna live in Rihanna’s bum crease. There just right in there licking it all up . Pathetic

  12. carole Said:

    i think that miley could be really pretty if she stopped trying to dress like she was black… shes not, rihanna and maybe somebody like ke$ha or p!nk could pull off that look but she just loooks fucking ridiculous, get a better style and go shopping mom jeans were never inf fasion

  13. QT Said:

    She is a hot mess! I mean, you’re pretty Miley, but please wear something that match your looks! Being edgy looked great on her, but this is just…horrid.

  14. Caroline Said:

    So sad… I hope its just something that she is going through without ending up like Lindsay Lohan…

  15. butterfly Said:

    she could be somethin—- but she tries too hard to be bad. so bad…. and not in the good way.

  16. Kris Said:

    Get rid of the pants, jacket & shoes, throw on some dark denim shorts, print jacket and boots, she would have looked awesome.
    But I guess, it doesn’t really matter (=

  17. Martine Said:

    She looks cute. get over yourself.

  18. Effy Said:

    I like her outfit but you were right. A pair Louboutins (beautiful ones, aren’t they?) look awful.

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