Miley Cyrus Gets Naked, Kicks One Direction’s Butt

Miley Cyrus debuted her new video for “Wrecking Ball” on Monday, and it received 19 million views in the first 24 hours. I’m sure the number of plays had everything to do with her amazing voice and beautiful song and nothing to do with the fact that she was completely naked swinging on a wrecking ball, hmm?

Looks like MC has twerked worked her way to the number one spot of VEVO’s most-watched videos list. She bulldozed over One Direction‘s record for “Best Song Ever,” which got a measly 10.9 million views in the first day.

If only Harry Styles would have stripped for us in the video, 1D might still hold the record, n’est-ce pas? But alas, it turns out the best song ever on the video platform is one that features a braless girl licking a hammer. Quality… XOXO

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  1. VG Said:

    This is why I love this site. Seriously you are my daily news

  2. Adam Said:

    This ugly thang will do anything for attention. I see nothing special about her. I guess her dad cant control her so he lets her do anything. I will care less if this non singing rat falls off the planet. DEVIL WORSHIPER.

  3. B Said:

    Well this isn’t so distracting, unlike We Can’t Stop…
    But I’d like to point out that the color of her boobs is lighter than the rest of the chest area.
    And I simply don’t get why she feels like she has to do this song, naked and swinging on a wrecking ball.

  4. Alice Said:

    One Direction’s record was 12.4 millions. Get your facts straight. 10.7 was Miley’s previous record.

  5. aaliyah Said:

    I just feel that she has let down a lot of younger children who used to look up to her & admire her.

  6. H Said:

    Not a bad song, but there are several things I don’t get: a) her sobbing on camera, b) her apparent hatred for pants and bras, c) her love of licking things that should NEVER be licked, and like B said d) her naked swinging on a wrecking ball. But B, I’d like to point out, most women’s boobs are lighter than the rest of them b/c they get less sun unless you tan topless or spray/self tan. Also? Did anyone else notice she was out of synch for much of the video?

  7. blue Said:

    she is soooo pathetic

  8. Benoets Said:

    I do like the song but not the music video tho

  9. Coco Said:

    The funny thing is, the sing is actually quite good. If she’d just gone with a slightly less (and I mean a whole lotta less) naked video I would have actually liked it. Too bad, she was so close..

  10. Nekeura Said:

    Oookay, so I was waiting for her to go completely naked and there you go… So what’s next? Shaved head? Rehab? Killing a paparazzi ? Or death by drug overdose?

  11. Coco Said:


  12. Nialler's love Said:

    miley is a total piece of crap… she dsnt deserve ANY of the attention she gets.. whether it’s positive or negative.. I’m ashamed to say i used to look upto her as an inspiration..
    atleast 1D dint have to strip naked to get views because they know how dedicated their fans are.. they aren’t as desperate as miley is…

  13. Rachel Said:

    Oh good lord in heaven! I’m certainly not a puritan but first that simply disturbing “we can’t stop”-desaster and now this metaphor-ridiculing-farce…It’s completely absurd: Licking that hammer just ruined the credibility of your actually-not-that-bad love song, my dear! …I just hope liam has strong nerves and bad eyes!

  14. MX Said:

    I love the song, and the video idea is good. But there was no need of beeing naked

  15. Hanna Said:

    I might not be a fan of Miley, but this song is actually REALLY good… And when it comes to the video, I don’t hate it. Yes, she’s naked, but there are other that have done the same, like Britney’s Womanizer. So if Miley just cut down on the hammer-licking and maybe have a little less nude-moments, I think it would be close to perfect in my eyes…
    After all, I think that we are too quick on judging now that she twerked her way through her VMA-performance, and that WAS hideous!

  16. hanane Said:

    Gossip Girl, always love your comment! Especially the Hary Styles and quality part!

  17. sarahpc Said:

    im sorry i cant take it any more she is beautiful! if you cant see that, get off your high horse and take a look in the mirror! with a body like that! i would be giving up pants as well! no one is hating on all these hipsters that wear cut off mom jeans with their asses hanging out! leave her alone!
    and if you get past your conservative, non intelligent views about this music video, she is naked because that is her most vulnerable state. if you listen to the song it makes sense. JESUS PEOPLE!

  18. justine Said:

    Good song. But seriously miley… come on. Don’t ruin the perfectly good song with this video. And it’s not that hard to tell who she’s talking about….

  19. Jenna Said:

    Props to her for knowing how to get attention. But lets point out that a good handful of those views were probably because of her trashy performance at the VMAs and people wanted to see if she could do any worse. Honestly, I’m sick of hearing about her antics, I wish she’d put some more clothes on and try to be a little more classy.

  20. Lola Said:

    Actually, she’s beautiful in the video and the song is good. But I don’t think licking is needed and being naked too. The video would be more appealing if the theme looks more ethereal or mysterious. Well it’s Miley therefore it is what it is. But I wonder if this song is for Liam!

  21. Suzanne Said:

    Porno not music video

  22. Sharon Said:

    Love the song….didn’t like the spit strings in the close up!

  23. Jeffrey Said:

    I think she looks way better with clothes on. Because without clothes she looks horrible.

  24. Belén Said:

    Actually, being naked on the wrecking ball is a methaphor for giving all of herself, and kissing the hammer means embracing the pain. The licking it in a porno way was unnecesary, but I liked the video in general, not to mention the song, which I think is beautiful

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