Hot Emo Mess: Miley Cyrus’s New Haircut

Is there anything sadder than a girl who can’t leave luxe enough alone? Miley Cyrus debuted her new hacked-off hair, which might be en vogue if she were 1) a (male) German raver in 1995 or 2) a bassist in Fall Out Boy, but alas, she is neither.

Ladies, listen closely: boys rarely want to run their hands through hair that is shorter than theirs, so if you’re itching to emulate Miley in some way, stick to daily Pilates and stay far, far away from the scissors…XOXO.

miley cyrus new haircut


miley cyrus new hair



  1. omarkarin Said:

    Can’t believe her.

  2. guiscasati Said:

    I have to admit, i think it’s because i like radical changes but i really like Miley’s new style, we really need to change, would Hannah Montana looks this way today?

  3. Juli31423 Said:

    Unbelievable O_o

  4. Camai Said:

    I may not be in love with her new look, but I have to say I admire her nerve. And she does look happy! which makes her shine and more beautiful. I think what Im trying to say is that she pulls it off, whether we like it or not.

  5. Gossipgirl409 Said:

    no way miley really thats terrible gossipgirl back m eup

  6. anacll Said:

    OMG. I was like, ok, when she turned blond and everything. But this? Omg Miley. Your hair is so screwed up.

  7. Juli31423 Said:

    She did it to star in a few upcoming episodes of Two and Half Men.

  8. KittyKat123 Said:

    the way she cut it? BAD. But she did cut it, because she donated her hair for cancer patients.

  9. psychokiller Said:

    If all Miley wants is to do severely scandalous things, then she should’ve thought twice before becoming a celebrity.

  10. courtneylaurenwa Said:

    Her hair was cute before she cut it! I get the cause, but I don’t like the effect.

  11. courtneylaurenwa Said:

    I just realized there is a guy in the background of the 2nd pic. Is it Liam?

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