Miley Cyrus Forgot Her Pants Again

Dear Miley Cyrus, you forgot something again. Not your bra, not your engagement ring. Your pants. Thank goodness you didn’t forget her knickers, too.

During a recent photo shoot with fashion designer Jeremy Scott — whose line has previously featured the infamous one-legged pants and fast-food inspired dresses (classy…) — Miley was snapped cuddling up to stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele in thigh-high scull boots and pink panties.

Just a few weeks ago, we saw Miley posing for a mag with some serious underboob and then another with sideboob. Then she was announced Maxim’s Hottest Woman of the Year. See a pattern?

Has Miley discovered the secret to sex appeal? Yes, and it seems to involve as little clothes as possible. Who would have thought?! XOXO

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  1. tera Said:

    I’d like to see some positive posts about her once in a while, please. She’s just living life like she doesn’t give two fucks, so let her be. Whoever is writing this sounds like a jealous mofo…

  2. Nicole Said:

    I agree with tera, Miley is hot! She is herself through and through regardless of people say about her. She stays true to who she is and never apologizes for being Miley and in this world full of people judging your every move- especially in her case- that’s the bravest thing a person can do. Girls got balls!

  3. Paige Said:

    Sounds like someone is jelly of her title.

  4. MX Said:

    I agree with tera and nicole. Miley is very brave for standing to her ideals and doing whatever she wants without bothering what people may say. That shows that she is strong and secure. Not like other stars that are so concerned when criticized.

  5. sass Said:

    I’m going to do an Olivia Wilde reference and tell Miley (who looks a lot like JB now) to put your f**king pants on. But don’t worry everyone I said it with love. Because Miley is rad and I have nothing against here but,I’m just worried if she doesn’t put pants on soon she get a yeast infection or something on the lines of that.

  6. Is Said:

    I have nothing against Miley and I personally love GG (ever watch the show? That’d help some of you understand why the writing style is the way it is…) but good god. There’s being yourself and then there’s trashy. This is trashy.

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