Miley Cyrus Sets Out to Corrupt Her Little Sister

It was a sisters’ night out in Barcelona last night as Noah Cyrus tagged along with Miley in what can probably only be described as a total shit-show (because really, isn’t that every night for MC?)

My spies caught the two girls painting the town red by hitting up a nightclub and taking selfies in bathroom mirrors. I’m positive nothing scandalous happened since Noah is only 14 and the Cyrus girls have such a polished reputation…

Earlier this week, Miley made it clear on Twitter that she puts being a sister above everything else in her life: “Im alot of things. freak. dog lover. Weird “popstar”. Flaming lips fan. Hippie. But my favorite thing that “I am” is a big sister @noahcyrus.” Side Note: OMG please invest in grammar check or pay someone to write your tweets out for you.

Anyway, yes Miley, we get it. You’re a devoted big sis. But if this little girl ends up being your clone and taking over when you’ve finally given up this trashtastic career, we’re coming after you. XOXO


  1. The Guy Said:

    Taking selfies in bathroom mirrors and going to clubs is super harmful! I bet someone died!

  2. XOXOCOS Said:


  3. Bitch Said:

    fuck u

  4. MrSatyre Said:

    Hooray! Everyone wins! Uptight people will have a whole new decade of trivialities to get upset over, and dirty old men will have a whole new decade of twerking to get excited over.

  5. Shanaya Parsons Said:

    How can a girl at the age of 14 get into a club if the legal drinking age in America is 21? Who would be stupid enough to take there little sister to a club at that age anyway? What would have happened if a brawl started like with Chris brown and Dre. What if her little sister got bottled then what? It just shows how mature she has grown to be I think she needs to go back to being Hannah Montana and grow up properly.

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