Hot Mess: Miley Cyrus on England’s X Factor

Miley Cyrus wore her best 70s fortune teller costume to perform on the X Factor in Britain, and let’s just say that the good people of England aren’t any more impressed with MC than Americans are. In fact, Miley’s appearance is being panned in a major way, but not because of her outfit or her tongue–this time audiences found fault with her singing!

I snipe at Miley quite a bit, but even I will admit (begrudgingly) that the girl can sing. Or perhaps that should be past tense. Her performance was more “wreck” than “Wrecking Ball” thanks to strained vocals and some seriously off-key moments. Watch for yourself–but only if you have earplugs…

Could endless bong hits and Molly tabs finally be catching up with our little songbird? For her to flame out at 20 years old would be such a tragedy. Hilarious, of course, but also rather tragic. Or do you think that MC is just exhausted from her whirlwind press tour of Europe?

Miley, some advice: spend more nights drinking tea in bed and less time prowling the streets for velvet turbans and trouble…XOXO.

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  1. Anastasia Said:

    C’mon….she maybe has some problems with the low notes, but she was great! As always :)

  2. Stephanie Said:

    Come on! She is clearly just getting super emotional due to the fact of how important this song is to her; GIVE HER A BREAK! she sounded amazing!

  3. marianna Said:

    i really didnt think that was bad. think it was pretty good actually. people have to admit she is a good singer, despite all the stupid things she’s been doing.

  4. Carlos Zepeda Said:

    I’m not going to say it’s her style or anything, bbut she has always sang that way. And you “gossip girl” are always bashing her. I guess is out of jealous but whatevs

  5. Patricia Said:

    I’m wondering if you’re stupid or only IGNORE some parts – the convenient ones.
    Miley had a MEDICAL PROBLEM. The doctors put her in vocal rest for a while. She is SICK. And it was very professional of her to perform on X Factor since it was already scheduled even though she wasn’t feeling good.
    If you wanna say bad things about people at least STOP LYING and hiding stuff just to make it worse to get some pageviews. I LOVED the TV show but this website is DISGUSTING.

  6. Gabby Said:

    I thought it was good…just because it’s not how she normally sings doesn’t mean it’s bad.

  7. Mel Said:

    She was great! She has a hint of Stevie nicks and lana del rey

  8. Laura Said:

    she sings awful since for ever i do not know why the suddenly surprise for her awful singing

  9. anonymous Said:

    oh come on GG i hate miley as much as the next person but she was crying … have you ever tried to sing with tears in your eyes… you’ll sound worse trust me i have

  10. Lila Krolikowski :D Said:

    She was really good! but the last part was pitchy!!

  11. DrEA Said:

    This is just proof that Nobody is perfect. I still thought it was good.

  12. Anne Said:

    guys cmon that was horrible

  13. blabla Said:

    pretty bad, she needs to take more care of her voice. Her voice is her job. less partying miley

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