WTF Alert: Miley Cyrus Posts Embarrassing Plane Party Videos

Turns out it’s not just princesses who get their own private jets. Apparently the royal jokers get in on the action too. Case in point, Miley Cyrus who was spotted having what appears to be a drug-induced rave 41,000 feet up in the air.

Watch and squirm with uncomfortableness, darlings:

MC has made my hot mess list on many occasions, but I’m going to say this moment takes the cake. From the embarrassing rap about her pj’s to her actual pj’s, to, what is that on her eyes… did she hire a 5-year-old makeup artist? I just can’t.

Miley, you are so talented. Why are you wasting your time (and that beautiful jet’s time) with this? Lesson learned, Upper East Siders. Just say no to drugs. XOXO

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  1. Alice Said:

    I don’t understand how someone would want to marry this mess.

  2. Sarah Said:

    I’m no miley fan, but she’s young, has her own jet and a ton a money; if that were me i’d be doing the same thing: having fun.

  3. R Said:

    There are other ways to have fun

  4. Just me Said:

    OMG! She is so ridiculous!!!

  5. Coco Said:

    No matter what she does i like her. its her life she can do what she want. Moreover she is not fake and not boring. if she had not done crazy stuffs well the media wundt get their story, atleast they have something to gossip about. She is enjoying, let her enjoy. if you don’t like what she does stop watching her..she ain’t forcing anyone! She is doing her job entertaining us.

  6. Giovanna Said:

    Coco, u r so mature, sadly this people don’t. I agree with you, she is having fun, of course this is funny and i was lol watching, but I think that is lovely

  7. Brandon Said:

    shes so ugly and stupid. she doesn’t deserve anything that she has.

  8. John Said:

    Shame the plane didn’t go down.

  9. Melody Said:

    Miley you have disappointed me again (shocker). I already wasn’t a fan of you when you was Hannah Montana and that was because I just was not a fan of your music. Now that you have grown up and Hannah Montana has died I love your music because it sounds good to me, but I hate you still because you are still the dumb girl that was dropped as a baby and that will not change. I understand that you want to show that you are “grown” and you haven’t proved it yet by the way you are acting…

  10. Guy Said:

    Give it a fucking rest.. I can’t stand the little bitch either, but why waste your fucking time doing a mediocre bitchy article? It’s sad.. she was just getting fucked up and having a good time. To sit her and bitch about how much I hate her is fucking pathetic. Lmao, sit her and bitch about how terrible her make-up is.. give me a fucking break. (idk how the fuck I got here..) but don’t bother looking this shit up if it annoys you or makes you wanna vent like a pussy how much you dislike her.

  11. kasiarzyna Said:

    She’s on drugs…

  12. Hobo Said:

    She’s not being herself, she got in the celebrity black hole. Blending into her destructive environment, it’s a downward spiral that she can escape ONLY if she sets herself apart from the rest of the degenerate crowd. You can be rich and famous without these destructive habits. In fact, you don’t see reputable, successful rich people posting stuff like this. They are mature, she is not. She has built a reputation as a role model for people who disregards what is morally acceptable.

  13. icona pop Said:

    i think she need JESUS cause pretty soon she’S gonna want end her life with all the crap she has done. gave your life to JESUS miley cyrus before its too late when judgement day has arrives. its not too late to change, fame and wealth is not all whats the point gaining the world and losing you soul and knowing that your heading to hell to burn for eternal??? Jesus will forgave you change your life go to him!!!

  14. Tired Said:

    This is sad….

  15. Den Said:

    So… we all hate on Miley for doing what? Shaking her arse? Look at what a cunt Justin Bieber (Or how ever you spell her name) is… Drugs, prostitute’s, graffiti, criminal damage and racism to name a few… Oh and spitting on fans… Where’s her hate?

  16. Rory Said:

    Well.. I don’t hate her or like her, but I have a feeling she’ll die of OD. Just saying…

  17. Joe Papierz Jr Said:

    Why are so many young entertainers intent on having fun in so many destructive ways when they can have fun without drugs, breaking laws, or irritating other people. I would have loved to have had 1/10 the money these people have when I was that age. I hope Ms Cyrus and a few other wastrels wake up and figure out what life is all about before they throw it all away and it’s too late for them. They all could take a lesson from the Olsen twins. A real success story.

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