Miley Cyrus’ Hair Goes Platinum

Did Miley Cyrus already secure her “something blue” for her wedding day? The singer was spotted with a new hair color, but it turns out the hue isn’t what we all thought it was at first glance… “My hurrr ain’t blue,” she eloquently tweeted this weekend. “That s***’s PLATINUM.” Okay Miley, whatever your hair dresser your friends you say to make yourself feel better….

Despite breakup rumors, Miley was also sporting her engagement ring from Liam Hemsworth. Could you imagine her walking down the aisle looking like this? Ah, the wedding march. Here comes… the awkward pause. XOXO

Miley Cyrus blue/ platinum hair

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  1. Kelsey Said:

    Whoever writes these is such a fucking jealous bitch.

  2. Ochia jennifer ify Said:

    MILEY I love u so much,i love dat track make some noise nd 7things i hate about u.

  3. Chloe Said:

    Uh… This is Gossip Girl.. Everything is SUPPOSED to sound bitchy. Duh.

  4. fatoom Said:


  5. Minnie Said:

    her head looks pretty big… long hair worked better for her

  6. Mia Said:

    Hey Gossip Girl. I just wanted to say that I love your posts, specially the comments you do.
    And I have to say, what is that hair color on Miley Cyrus, for God’s sake? She used to be really pretty when she had long hair…

  7. M Said:

    I love milleys new hair style though i hate how she colored it. ITS AWFULL … Miley should call a fashion police this is not todays hair stayle!!!

  8. keonna Said:

    miley r u stupid love the hair style hate the color

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