Should Miley Cyrus Go Back To Her Country Roots?

As you know, loves, I am 100% a city girl and don’t quite understand, how do you say, “country roots”? Give me a penthouse over a farm, a dirty martini over a beer, and a glitzy gala over an old-fashion hoedown. I understand that not everyone has the same tastes as me. Granted, those people are wrong, but every once in a while I’m open to others’ lifestyles.

Which brings me to Miley Cyrus, whose stripper chic vibe is not one that I am or ever will be open to. BUT. I spied Miz Miles at a pre-Grammy gala over the weekend performing a country tune, and dare I say it? She sounded pretty good. For country. I’ve always said that MC has an amazing voice–as for fashion, that’s a different story–but, I was pleasantly surprised to hear her sing the country tune “Jolene” at the bash. She just seems at home…and totally happy.

Also, can we talk about her look for a second? OK, I have no idea WTF she’s wearing, and her hair is still too short for my taste, but if, IF she’s going to keep the pixie cut, I much prefer it like this over her Justin-Bieber-styled coiffure:

Miley Cyrus 2014 Pre-Grammy Gala & Grammy Salute to Industry Icons - Clive Davis


What do you lovelies think? Should MC go back to singing country or do you rather her new stuff? And is this the best her short hair has ever looked, or am I just in too nice of a mood today? Give me your opinions in a comment below. XOXO



  1. NinjaHeartLace Said:

    Her version of “Jolene” has always sounded good…

    Can’t believe how much she’d changed sinced then…I kinda miss old Miley

  2. Alexandra Said:

    She looks like a young Ellen DeGeneres.

  3. Sam Said:

    I love, love, love Miley. I always have. I do not love it when my fav celebs cut their hair off, But the above pic is just gorg.

  4. Jenna Said:

    I love Miley. She is so talented and beautiful.

  5. tami Said:

    Miley needs a direction now….4 me the woman she claims to hve turned into is hurt nd confused

  6. Eugenia Said:

    Well, as ugly as her clothes look, at least they are decent. Keep up the good work Miley!

  7. edah catacutan Said:

    well,,thats change give her too much atention of the keep it up miley

  8. Abbey Said:

    while I am usually NOT a miley fan, I LOVE her new hair and I think she would actually make a wonderful country singer. I have always thought she has a nice voice for it.

  9. Latisha Trollington Said:

    I still hate her hair. The only thing she changed was the direction it went so I have no idea what country roots you guys are yapping about. Looks the same, to me.
    And, like always, she’s wearing stripper clothes. Again, to get attention and whistles from guys, when guys only watch the pornos, not the country singers.
    And there ain’t such a thang named country porn.

  10. Renee Said:

    Miley sucks. I don’t want to hear her obnoxious voice on my country stations either! Her hair looks cute tho…I can’t believe I just said that….

  11. luxury and lifestyles Said:

    Miley Cyrus is now 21 Years Old, Lacking Some Stuff, But Has Earned a Bike!

  12. Reviwer Said:

    This is wierd to see a superstar that twerks around the satge go back to country even for one song. she may be in a country state, but i don’t kno. I like her crazy self more. but her twerking is a little much. if she could sing wrecking ball like this without twerking, i would go to every concert she ever did. but she twerks to much. This is som what nice to see her as her old self tho. I really never thought she would ever sing country again. But i guerss i was wrong. AS we know wreaking ball

  13. Reviwer Said:

    was next and i bet she twerked at least once. but i still love MC and her style. she is amazing. -XOXO

  14. Kathy Said:

    I think Miley is awesome and i wish i had her talent and her youth she ROCKS keep it up sweety!!!!!!

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