Is Miley Cyrus Pregnant?

Gather round Miley maniacs, because I have lots of news about the ins and outs (if you will) of Ms Cyrus’ love life.

Life & Style is reporting that MC has been bed hopping all over Hollywood (and beyond) and is now possibly maybe could be kind of pregnant. Ugh the words “Miley Cyrus, the mom” is perhaps the most chilling phrase I can think of, no? But who, oh who would the baby daddy be, darlings? Miley hasn’t exactly been a pillar of chastity since splitting from Liam Hemsworth (#worstmistakeever).

miley cyrus


“Her whole thing is to do what feels good and feels right in the moment and deal with whatever may happen later. She’s become so promiscuous,” dishes a Miley pal. “But she also likes to have unprotected sex. And I’m sure she forgets to take her birth control pills all the time.”

But who, oh who, could the baby daddy be? Jared Leto? Kellan Lutz? That weird producer guy who calls himself Mike Will Made It or whatever?

Tell me loves, do you believe that Miley is currently contemplating life as a young mom…or is this rumor just a work of fiction?

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  1. Noelle Said:

    I’ll believe it when I see the bump!

  2. Paul Said:

    Pregnancy rumors are stupid.

  3. Anne Said:

    thats the thing about rumors, they come from some person speculating and no actual evidence whatsoever

  4. Blair Said:

    It’s probably not true, but Miley is defiantly enough of a slut that it could happen eventually.

  5. ShelbyScullymin Said:

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  6. ashleigh Said:

    It suck when i heard such romurs…duh

  7. Alyssa Antoniewicz Said:

    Miley isn’t pregnant, I saw her last night and she looked perfectly fine all she was doing was crying about her dog

  8. Emma Said:

    I think this is just another dumb rumor. Can’t you leave the poor girl alone?!? And if she is pregnant I’m sure she would be a great mom. Who are you to judge her? Just because she likes to get naked that makes her a bad person? Her dog just fucking died and you guys have to post this shit? I think sex is the last thing on her mind right now.

    Get real news stories or stop posting

  9. None-of-your-business-stalker Said:

    Miley didn’t break up with Liam. If you even listened to the lyrics of the song ‘Wrecking Ball’, you would know that. And even if she is pregnant, I missed the part where that was anyone’s problem. All you losers that are insulting her right now don’t have the right. I’m sure many of you people are way worse than she could ever be.

  10. Franchesca Monet Said:

    Emma’s right. Just because Miley performs in a sometimes quesaionable way, that doesn’t mean she would automatically be a bad mom. I think she would be an amazing mom. If people would actually get to know her personality they would know that.

  11. none Said:

    I hope this is just a rumor she’s an idiot and look at the things she already does and don’t care that kids watch her and look up to her. My daughter wool never watch Miley Cyrus unless she cleans up a lot because as of right now she’s just stupid and slutty people have their own opinions but I believe we all need to bring good into our lives and quit watching morons like miley Cyrus. Billy Ray must be so proud

  12. none Said:


  13. gosip girl Said:

    What examples will she get .

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