OMFGorgeous: Miley Cyrus’s New Puppy

That’s right darlings, I’m awarding the first ever canine my OMFGorgeous kiss of approval. Can you blame me?

miley cyrus puppy


Behold Bean, Miley Cyrus newest family member. She’s a wee rescue Chihuahua mix. MC scooped up this precious gem of a creature to help heal her heartbreak over her other dog Lila getting killed by Liam Hemsworth’s bulldog, Ziggy, who was (ironically) a present from MC to her fiance.



  1. dianaxox93 Said:

    OMG that dog is such a cutie!! Anyone know the name to this adorable darling?

  2. ggada Said:

    OMG! QT so QT ♥

  3. faux oakley lunettes de soleil Said:

    Dinner, his father grabbing his ear before he served a meal, but he dared not see people not only look at the girl, even the dishes are not clip a chopstick, Pa finished a bowl of rice on the bugger out. The slip, he actually hid out for 2 years.

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