Bye Bye Moonie: Miley Cyrus Returns Her New Pup

A week after receiving a new pup from her mom, Miley Cyrus says “thanks, but no thanks” and returns the dog. Tish Cyrus had given the new pup, Moonie, to Miley to help her heal from the loss of her dog, Floyd, earlier this month.

Well, it apparently pets require longer mourning periods than Upper East Side breakups. Tweeting “Moonie, thank you for giving me so much love, comfort & peace. It’s just to (sic) soon for me right now. #MissingMoonie,” Miley returned her new cuddle-buddy on Sunday, April 13.


Before bidding farewell to the adorable furball, Miley made #FloydFriday a trending topic on Twitter, and posted rather incessantly about her late dog. There were far fewer posts about Moonie, although the two were spotted walking through Brooklyn together (with Miley in tears!) before her Bangerz show at Barclays last week.

Darlings, I think Miley returning Moonie was the best thing to happen to that poor pup. To start with, the face licking-prone songstress must throw canines for a loop at the total saliva-filled role reversal. Second, being Miley’s dog in this age of Insta-selfies is an exhausting prospect. You have to look cute all the time and bark with approval at her constant twerking all the time — even when you just want to nap the entire Bangerz Tour away. Finally, talk about second fiddle. I don’t think there were any #MoonieMondays to speak of.

So let’s not shed too many tears for Moonie, who is probably headed to a more comfortable life where she will surely steal the show.

Twitter, @MileyCyrus

What do you think, minions? Do you agree that Moonie is headed to greener pastures, or do you think this dog will miss the spotlight? XOXO


  1. Ruby Testarossa Said:

    You are absolutely correct. People who think getting another pet immediately after one pet dies is a good idea are wrong. The pet owner has to take time to grieve the loss of their beloved pet. Tish Cyrus meant well, but Miley showed amazing common sense (for once) in deciding to not keep the puppy. Moonie made a lucky escape.

  2. Cheryl Said:

    What kind of dog is Moonie? He is extremely cute!

  3. Tracey Said:

    Oh my God, how judgmental. It’s not for anyone else to decide when someone should get a new pet. I am the type of person who will go to the animal shelter the day I put a pet to sleep because filling that void and sharing my home and love with a new pet is what helps me. Just because it wasn’t right for her doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.

  4. Missy Said:

    Moonie is a sable pomerainian. I have one and they are super cute!

  5. dan Said:

    Giving this pup up at least gives it a chance to survive, staying with Miley may have ended the same as her previous dog. She may get all screwed up and leave it out in the cold to die like her last pup did.

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