Did Miley Cyrus Post a Threatening Note to Billy Ray on Twitter?

While I was frolicking around the Upper East Side last night, one of my eagle eye spies caught a rogue tweet coming from none other than Miley Cyrus‘ account:

Miley Cyrus rogue tweet

via DailyMail

And this picture of MC with a mysterious woman was attached:


Then, a few minutes later, the tweet was deleted and replaced with a new one that read, “Wft? My twitter was just actin all types of cray!”

I have a few theories on this one, my loves. 1.) Miley could have been hacked. Although I find it odd that this is what the hackers would choose to tweet, unless the person doing it is A from Pretty Little Liars who is known for threats and blackmail, then I guess it could make sense. OR 2.) Miley may have thought she was sending her dad a direct message but instead accidentally blasted it out to her 12 million fans. Oops!

What do you think happened? Tell me your theories, my intelligent minions! XOXO


  1. Vicki Said:

    Option 2!

  2. Ash Said:

    Or he complied with her demands within the hour and she deleted the tweet. LOL.

  3. Lola Sherif Said:

    OFcourse she wont send her dad a DM -.- its defiantly a hacker.

  4. Nia Said:

    She definitely did that shit, too embarassed & took it back lmao

  5. Nia Said:

    & Lola they didnt say a DM just a regular tweet

  6. Sometwo Said:

    So . . . who is that person? Can anyone tell me? so lost here:|

  7. Yassmin Said:

    why doesn’t her name have the blue tick thing?

  8. F. Said:

    Oh, please, nothing like that. I bet Billy has/had an affair or did something to that woman and now Miley wants to tell everyone. She obviously was stupid enough to post something like this. Or perhaps Miley is trying to blackmail her father. She probably isn’t OK with the divorce of her parents. That and lots of different things. I mean, look at We Can’t Stop video. Horrible. Nothing made sense. M is obviously trying to make a point and proving herself.

  9. F. Said:

    I mean, accounts don’t act like crazy. They don’t act at all. That’s what I say when I block someone and the same person asks me if I did so. Of course I did, but that will die with me. xoxo

  10. A. Said:

    We probably should ask Blair Waldorf… she’s the scheming queen!

  11. MHS Said:

    this is not her official account???

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