Miley Cyrus: Sexiest Woman in the World?

That’s right minions. I hear that Miley Cyrus, the same Miley Cyrus who can’t stop wearing high-waist jorts and Doc Martens, has the #1 spot on Maxim magazine’s Hot 100. I’m not kidding.

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus Instagram

I find this depressing, darlings. It just goes to show that if you’re willing to show a lot of skin, men will look past whatever awful outfit you are wearing and focus on what you are not wearing. In MC’s case, that’s usually a bra or pants.

Then again, Maxim doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to their Hot List winners. Once upon a time Lindsay Lohan snagged the top spot, as did old irrelevant person Eva Longoria and Rosie “Wow, She Went Nowhere” Huntington-Whiteley.

Do you think MC deserved this honor? If not, which starlet do you feel should be crowned the foxiest of them all?

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  1. Paige Said:

    Uh, of course she deserved this! No one is hotter than her!

  2. AJ Said:

    Maxim needs to lay off Stevie Wonder as the guy that gets to choose the hottest 100 women. He misses every year.

  3. Women Seeking Older Men Said:

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  4. MX Said:

    Ofcourse she deserves it! She is a beautiful strong person that doesn’t care what others have to say about her. I admit that some of her fashion choices aren’t very ladylike, but she deserves it.
    And, Rosie is one of the most beautiful women!
    Maxim makes great choices

  5. maria Said:

    Man of course she deserved!! Like she is hotter than ever for god sake!!

  6. katka Said:

    WOW .. although I really think that Rosie hunnington was and still is very beautiful. Too bad for her she quited being an victoria’s secret angel

  7. Sam Said:

    Haha gossip girl is hilarious though, you’ve got to admit.

  8. Maggie Said:

    It is depressing. It’s like she had to pay to be the hottest. Her haircut is horrible, and she dresses like a wannabe hipster. Yes that’s harsh, but it’s obvious she’s going through a life crisis. I totally agree with gossip girl on this one!


  9. ann Said:

    OF COURSE she deserves it. She’s super sexy and REALLY beautiful. Stop being jealous.

  10. thecutest Said:

    I’m no hater. I’m warming up to Miley a lot. That said, there are so many incredibly sexy women that could’ve been chosen. As someone who works in the editorial biz, this HAS to be the result of some greasing by her publicist. There’s just no way anybody looked at her, considered her career, and SERIOUSLY thought this was a good idea. I could see her on the list at, like, 77 or something, but not in the top spot.

  11. Beth Said:

    Er she is the hottest woman in the world?! No questions asked.

  12. Rebecca Said:

    No, I used to like Miley before this hipster seen. It’s not working for her. I like the more classier looks like Blake lively.

  13. Ninitah Said:

    No, she doesn’t deserve it. There are many many other girls that deserve it. Rather than a face full of make up and a body showing every single spot. Girls can be sexy and hot without makeup and the need of showing offffff.

  14. Alice Said:

    After seeing Blake in that beautiful dress at the gala, it’s no doubt she should’ve won that 1st place… GO HOME, MILEY! YOU’RE DISGUSTING!

  15. Sonja Said:

    WTF Miley? Seriously? I mean she was hot but her new style is really not my thing

  16. Star Said:

    stfu all you jealous bitches Miley is gorgeous and original and i love her style she’s been this way all along but was forced not to show it because of the disney scene. go mileyy <3

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