Miley’s Short Hair: Still a Hot Mess

Miley Cyrus can tweet all the pictures she wants of her awful new emo hair, but no amount of Instagram filtering can change my all-important opinion. My only hope is that LiamHemsworth hates MC’s new look as much as I do. If he doesn’t, she may want to ask herself why she’s marrying a guy who clearly likes bad haircuts.

miley cyrus short hair


miley cyrus




  1. nicolecunha Said:

    Miley looks the best she ever has. Especially in the bottom shot with the red lips. Love her new haircut and new hair color!

  2. Alexisjagne Said:

    she has really let herself go :(

  3. sloopy Said:

    whoever wrote this needs to shut the fuck up. Miley cut her hair for a cancer charity and she said her new hair is a better reflection of who she is–which it definitely is. I commend her for having the guts to do this when she knows people like you are just going to bash her. And why bring her marriage to Liam into this? Thats low af

  4. Dodoa Said:

    My Goodness she look terrible

  5. LadyJ Said:

    Miley is gorgeous with any hairstyle. Heck, she could dye her hair green and she’d still be hot! Personally, I love it :)

  6. Kayemoon Said:

    I like her new haircut I just hate her nse piercing. it’s terrible!

  7. Saiyara Said:

    Oh God, she looks ten times worse than how she usually looks. Is she trying to be Rihanna or something, but with blonde hair instead of red? Poor Liam. How could you let this happen?

  8. essie79 Said:

    Well then you shouldn’t be that mad. SHE invited people to bash her. And people are just doing their job alright. Shut the fuck up you.

  9. Farhaanah Said:

    the colour is way too light for her skin tone and the cut is ridiculous. She’s a beautiful girl and she had an amazing body but her new hairstyle does her no justice whatsoever!

    She didn’t cut her hair for charity, she just donated the cut hair afterwards. She could have shaved her head if she wanted to do it “for charity”.

    This is just a publicity stunt. She probably realized it looked silly after she cut it and decided to donate it to charity to save face.

  10. themaiaful Said:

    no comment :/

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