Miley Cyrus’ Showdown With January Jones!

Spotted: Miley Cyrus slithering around the Met Costume Gala doing her best to avoid January Jones, the vixen who ruined MC’s engagement to Liam Hemsworth–and is still dating him!

“Miley and January made an effort to not be in the same place at the same time,” whispered a minion of mine. “Miley would not even look at her.”

miley cyrus january jones


How is this possible? Miley was within slapping distance of the woman who torpedoed her romance and she did nothing? This is definitely where Miley and I differ. This, and Miley’s hair. And her wardrobe. And her entire life so far.

Should MC have put the hurt on JJ while she had the chance? Or was Miley–for once–every inch the lady?

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  1. Lily Said:

    Lol January is very reminiscent of Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd in the picture from the Met gala… Creepy.

  2. Cathrine Said:

    Miley needs to find herself, and get her act together, before she does anything, that is really stupid. Something that is even worse then that hair…

  3. Nanie Said:

    Must have been really hard for her, and it takes dignity and grace to remain this calm, 2 things we’re not necessarily used to with MC. Hope it gets better for her, I don’t particularly like her but I do not wish that on my worst ennemy (well, maybe I do, but she’s not it so…) !

  4. thecutest Said:

    You know, Liam Hemsworth isn’t much of a prize. January’s kinda slutty. Miley’s hella skanky. Don’t you have dirt on anybody cool????

  5. Nicole Said:

    I think Miley showed a lot of maturity. She’s too good for Liam anyway. She’s Miley fucking Cyrus, honestly, who the hell is January Jones? Never heard of her before now.

  6. Kim Said:

    I think it was the right decision even if she possibly should have slapped her right in the face but then there would be even more of a scandal….really can’t understand liam to go out with that ugly b*itch

  7. Elle Said:

    January? If my parents named me that I would have hated them all my life. Awful name!!

  8. Charina Said:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with how either of them are dressed as the theme for the met gala was punk and that’s what they feel they’ve portrayed.

    As for boyfriend stealing since its all hush hush we don’t know for certain what went down but I think Miley acted very graciously. If the woman my boyfriend cheated on me with was there I’d probably claw her eyes out. I’d also of beat him up first as his eyes shouldn’t of been wandering in the first place.

  9. Sophie Said:

    JJ is such a b*** !

  10. Tim Bunting Said:

    Tbh they both look a mess. Liam has serious taste issues.

  11. Mark Said:

    Maybe Liam’s not ready for marriage, but if he’s not careful by the time he figures out what a cool n cute and loyal GF Miley was it’ll be too late. I’m with MC for sure!

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