Fashion Don’t: Miley Cyrus’ Sneaker Style

Matchy-matchy outfits are for awkward family photos, pugs in sweaters and toddler twins. They are not for couples, certainly not celeb pairs like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Yet Miley could resist taking a cue from Liam’s sporty sneakers and throwing on a pair of odious Chuck Taylors herself as the two stepped out to dinner.

Her dress isn’t anything to write home about, but it would have looked so much better with a pair of breezy wedges, don’t you think darlings? Miley, since you don’t seem to have a life of your own, at least get your own shoe style…XOXO.

Miley_Cyrus_Liam_Hemsworth in philadelphia



  1. eriberry Said:

    sorry GG but your point is ridiculous, miley has a great new look since she lost some weight and gained some extra credits on “trendy styling”. I love the dress paired with the chucks.. it’s very summerlicious goes city and yet casual.

  2. Dodoa Said:

    Oh’la I’m sorry to GG But i love her style (l) she look amazing

  3. psychokiller Said:

    She’s a celebrity. Doesn’t she have a stylist? There are casual wedges. Why Chuck Taylors?

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