Watch: Miley Cyrus Covers Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”

While American radio stations do things like let Ryan Seacrest talk for four solid hours (shudder), across the pond in England BBC Radio 1 has a featured called the Live Lounge, where musicians of all sorts come on air and cover another hit song by a different artist. Adele has covered The Strokes, Bruno Mars has covered Katy Perry and now, Miley Cyrus put an acoustic spin on Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”–and I’ve got the video:

Ugh, I love it. And I hate myself for admitting it. This is what irks me so about Miley Cyrus–she has such a phenomenal voice but seems hellbent on making everyone forget that. If she would simply let her vocals take center stage, she may not have so many “haters” (as she says) and would probably even sell more records, n’est ce pas?

MC also did an acoustic version of her power ballad “Wrecking Ball” and again, it was brilliant. Ugh, I hate me right now.

Do you think MC does LDR better than Lana does? Or, stellar voice or not, does Miley just need to disappear until her hair grows out–and she grows up?

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  1. Bri Said:

    I really doubt anyone could sing this better than LDR…

  2. Leesh Said:

    MC has a heck of a voice, but LDR has a deeper, throatier sound that gives it just a little more of an alterna vibe

  3. Amy Said:

    Personally her voice doesn’t suit the song.
    LDR has a more breathy, soothing singing style whereas Miley’s is scratchy and hardly moves pitches in this video.

  4. billie Said:


  5. Pat Said:

    Live lounge is reaaally old..

  6. Cara D. Said:

    at least she is wearing clothes that dont show everything this time lol

  7. Annalise Said:

    All I have to say is the backing singer was pretty good!

  8. vf Said:

    It’s good, but of course it’s not as good as Lana. Lana is perfection and no one can beat her version.

  9. Clorissa Said:

    Personally I think her hair is amazing. I don’t really agree with some of her antics like the smoking, but we can’t deny she is majorly talented and knows how to get attention. Go Miley.

  10. TNO Said:

    It legitimately pisses me off that she felt the need to ruin the lyrics. Saying “you da best” instead of “you’re the best”. She took such a beautiful song and screwed it. I love Lana Del Rey. Miley Cyrus needs to go somewhere already.

  11. kimk Said:

    Lanas better, i mean is her song and its her style, lanas voice makes it deeper and different, miley singing it makes the song common,

  12. Edson Said:

    its Good. Good for you Miley

  13. J Said:

    Miley should just become a cover artist.

  14. ChuckBass'swife Said:

    She has so amazing voice….

  15. M- Said:

    well NO! I love MC but there’s no compare between two singers.. LDR is better at least at her kind of music! xoxo

  16. hidechan Said:

    I bet the chorus girls are better than MC. lol

  17. Isabelle Said:

    I hate myself too for liking this cover! MC your vocals are amazing please grow up so we can all enjoy your music properly

  18. hotaru Said:

    oh the horror! thats reaaaally ugly! ugh!

  19. Ruth Said:

    no one can do this better than LDR herself, its prob her best song.

  20. .... Said:

    just my opinion…but to me she sounds boring and flat compared to lana’s deep and throaty voice. she hardly changes the tone and it has none of the emotion and meaning that lana gives it.

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