Miley Cyrus Is All Better; Twerking Again

miley cyrus


Darlings, when I was in prep school and didn’t want to go to class, I’d simply explain my “symptoms” to my mum, and she’d excuse me from school every time. Of course, the second the school day would end and I had something I wanted to do–for instance, meet my friends at The Campbell Apartment–I’d magically feel better. Isn’t it amazing how quickly one can recover after a good ol’ sick day?

Well, it looks like Miley Cyrus has gotten all of her energy back… Just days after missing a string of US and European concert dates due to poor ticket sales a severe allergic reaction, the twerk queen posted this gem of a video to show everyone that she’s baaaaaack:

Turns out Miley recovers as well as I did during what I liked to call my “I-don’t-want-to-disect-a-pig flu.”

MC is set to perform for the first time since her hospitalization on Tuesday night in London, and it looks as though she’s ready to take the stage again. Did you expect her to be a little less energetic or is she just being Miley? XOXO

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