Hot Mess: Miley Cyrus’ Two New Tattoos

At this point it should go without saying that anything Miley Cyrus does or says is instantly qualified as a Hot Mess, don’t you agree? But just in case you’re on the fence, allow me to introduce exhibits A and B: her two new tattoos. Which are awful.

miley cyrus love yer brain tattoo


Oh yes lambs, MC picked out her favorite prison font and got “LOVE YER BRAIN” inked on her arm. Given the insane amounts of drugs this girl is doing, I can’t think of anyone who loves her brain less than Miley Cyrus. But then again, it’s not like she was ever going to cure cancer, let’s be honest.

But while that tat is definitely the worst of the two, how MC chose to reveal this next one–a crescent moon on her other arm, a “BFF tat” with her tattoo artist friend Mr. Bang Bang–is what truly disturbs me…

miley cyrus crescent moon tattoo


Mouth agog. Coated tongue. Eyes rolled back. Cuddled up to someone with a beard.┬áThis is the face of drug use, and it’s positively revolting. I understand that she’s young and wild and rich (join the club), but she’s doing things to her body that can’t be undone once/if she wanted to pull out of this dreadful phase.

But at the rate she’s going, do you think Miley will even make it past 30? Or am I just judging this extremely talented book by her extremely inked up cover?


  1. Danielle Said:

    Its fair to say that, i wouldnt be surprised if something happened to her. Its a real shame she ruined her life, she used to be so pretty and talented. Now she is just trying to shock everyone and get fucked up.

  2. Cassandra Said:

    It kind of gets old to read about some new Tattoos she gets.

  3. s Said:

    Shes damaged gooods now. No one likes her and parents need help if they let their kids listen to her. She hasnt had a real movie gig since last song which she screwed up her relationship with liam and her last songs landed her in the hoe department.

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