First Look: Miley Cyrus’ New Video Shoot

If you thought that perhaps Miley Cyrus’ especially awful VMA performance would shame her enough to stay off the radar for a hot minute, you were so wrong. MC is back to doing what she does best: posting trashy pictures on Twitter.

Apparently MC is hard at work filming her new rap video for upcoming song “#23″ with such modern day poets as Mike WiLL Made ItWiz Khalifa and Juicy J. I literally have no idea who any of those people are. Is Mike WiLL Made It one person? Ugh whatever. DKDC, darlings. What I do care about is how totally declasse this video looks judging by Miley’s insider snapshots:

miley cyrus #23


WTF is she wearing in that second pic? An adult diaper with a thong from 1986? The strangest part about these posts is that Miley apparently didn’t get the memo that America doesn’t want to see any more of her backside.

Miley, here’s some free advice, darling: please turn and face the other way next time someone is taking a pic. Your fellow It Girls thank you…XOXO.


  1. Bella Said:

    After everything she’s done lately Miley can no longer be considered an It Girl. Simply to trashy and tasteless, a disgrace to It Girls worldwide xx

  2. Vicki Said:

    although I agree that both of those photos are ridiculous, moreover, that her in general is being disgusting, I find it unnessecary to also talk shit and be annoying about the people she works with. Yes Mike Will Made It is a person and there is no need to pull him or other people into this whole that Miley has dug herself.

  3. Oumayma Said:

    Poor Miley, I guess from now on we’ll know her back more than her face, wake up girl before nobody can recognize your face. xoxo!

  4. A.L. Said:

    Ugh, if she turn and face the camera, she can’t help but stick her tongue out.

    Gross! Both ways!

  5. Nikki Said:

    Is she sitting on a garbage can in the second photo? :/ Disgusting!

  6. Alice Said:

    You don’t know who Wiz Khalifa is? You lead a sad life, Gossip Girl.

  7. G Said:

    I loved miley in Hannah Montana when i was little but now OMG !! :O

  8. amanda Said:

    omg there is no question that she is a trash bicth i wish i can cut her tongue

  9. Jessy Said:

    I am just glad that it’s her back and not a pic of her scary tongue. Still critical. That girl became so disgustingly awkward. She’s bored and officially needs attention. Lost my respect.
    I do understand, that she wants to seperate herself from HMontana but what exactly does she want to be seen as?!

  10. andre Said:

    She is not even hot…as we could see on vma´s performance…her but is saggy… and she looks like a broomstick! I know, I know, she has those “washboard abs” but c’mon.. she has no gram of sexyness..she lacks of curves, pretty hair or even a pretty face! she is the far opossite of sexy and attractive :p

  11. Rachel Said:

    I’ve recently thought, doesn’t Miley have like a team of people that choreograph all of this stuff (including VMA’s). In saying that, she definitely has fallen off the deep end but maybe, JUST MAYBE, the trashyness of it all isn’t ENTIRELY her fault

  12. Megan Said:

    I read somewhere that Liam’s brothers had an intervention and told him to stop seeing her. Maybe he or his brothers provoked this? A major fight maybe? Or she is trying to rebel against the Disney days and the ‘child star’ pressure is getting to her. But even then look at people like Emma Watson. I’m sure she is frustrated about the constant Hermione comparisons, but she still maintains her class and dignity. Children are supposed to look up to Miley, I think she’s lost some followers for sure!

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