Fashion Face Off: Miley Cyrus vs. Carrie Underwood

I never thought I’d see the day when Miley Cyrus and¬†Carrie Underwood donned similar outfits, but then again, I never imagined a world in which Pauly D was procreating. I spied both singers in sparkly ensembles–Miley in Marc Jacobs at the 30th Annual Night of Stars,¬†Carrie in a blue tea-length Randi Rahm dress at the TJ Martell Foundation gala–but only one can be the queen of bling, babies.

carrie underwood miley cyrus


I like the shape of Carrie’s dress–tea-length frocks are so underrated!–but the pattern and colors seem a little prom-y, and I’m def not feeling her uninspired shoes or clutch. Miley, on the other hand def looks luxe in this emerald outfit, but do you think the cut is flattering to her willowy shape?

Who do you think shined the brightest in their sparkly ensembles: CU or MC?

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  1. Fernanda Said:

    Miley! ALL THE WAY. I love Miley.

  2. Linnea Djurfeldt Said:

    I hate to say it but mily dress definitely looks better.

  3. Kalyn Said:

    CU for sure

  4. OOO Said:

    I think Carrie looked better, but just because I didn’t like MJ’s dress on Miley, but it was definitely amazing. Oh, and Carrie’s shoes not so good, according to the rest of the outfit. She could had gotten more sparkly shoes.

  5. Jess Said:

    im gonna vote Miley, so hopefully all the good comments reach her and make her understand how much we miss seeing her wearing clothes

  6. Isabelle Said:

    Miley looks awesome!

  7. Emily Said:

    always carrie

  8. Monica Said:

    Carrie looks better for sure. Miley is too boney. And that hair cut. Can anyone say yuck!

  9. jenna Said:

    I can’t believe this…. but…Miley looks beautiful in this dress.

    If she only knew that wearing nude underwear does NOT make her look sexy!

  10. Cass Said:

    I’m going with Carrie as the dress is a great shape and the colour looks amazing.

    Miley’s dress is a bit yuck, has no shape and an unflattering neckline.

  11. Rochi Said:

    Carrie definitely

  12. emily Said:

    It’s kind of sad that most of you are saying Carrie looked better because you don’t like Miley. Have some respect.

  13. Emily Said:

    Though this is the best Miley’s looked in a long while, Carrie definitely looks the best. She is the epitome of class and elegance, and her dress is absolutely stunning. Her hair and makeup are both (as usual) perfection, too.

  14. Thoman Said:

    Ofcourse CU

  15. rachel Said:

    MC for sure, she looks awesome in that dress

  16. Chloe Said:

    I’m gonna have to say carrie underwood! She looks truly stunning!

  17. Alex Said:

    I’ll go for Miley

  18. MK Said:

    Miley for sure. Like are you blind? Can’t you see how ugly CU’s dress is?

  19. Lila Said:

    WOW miley all the way x

  20. Millie Said:

    I can’t believe I am going to say this…but Miley looks so good here! The dress suits her body so perfectly! Let’s be honest, after her wearing next to nothing all year, it’s a nice change so see her in come clothes!

  21. MX Said:

    Miley! She looks great

  22. Ola Said:

    Miley looks great!

  23. Emily Said:

    I am going to have to say Miley. She looks absolutely amazing in that dress. That is the Miley I like!

  24. Annie Said:


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