Fashion Faceoff: Miley Cyrus vs. Kat Graham

Don’t ask me why, but everything 90s is tres back in style, including everything by the house of Versace. Case in point, both Miley Cyrus and Kat Graham turned up to their events in identical Versace minis. But while they avoided a red carpet collision–Kat was at the BET Awards in LA while MC strutted around the iHeartRadio pool party in Miami–only one can be crowned the queen of this look…

kat graham miley cyrus


You know I am loathe to approve anything Miley is doing these days, but I must say, she nailed this style. First of all, MC wisely took the hem up a few inches to show off her flawless legs, while Kat’s longer style throws the look out of balance. Ditto with KG’s clunky shoes–I understand the look she was going for, but it just doesn’t work. Perhaps it might have with a shorter hem, but mid-thigh plus ankle booties equals NO.

And, I am quite pleased to see Miley finally ditching that red-lip look she is so fond of and going for a sweeter, more neutral palette, letting the dress take center stage.

But what say you, minions? Do you declare Miley as the vixen of Versace? Or did Kat outshine Miz Montana?


  1. Nia Said:

    Miley forsure, everything you said is correct & she looks absolutely flawless! ♥

  2. Annaliese Said:

    Miley isn’t a big fan of mine either but she nailed this look.Kats shoes are disgusting with the dress…Lmfao her stylist should be kicked in the shin!

  3. bongilious Said:

    Not mileys fan but she nailed kat cud hve been better with other shoes they jst killed the whole outfit

  4. Supernatural Said:

    I vote for Kat!

  5. Lilla Sámson Said:

    Miley <3 !!

  6. NOTaMILEYfan Said:

    still, miley looks better, even if we loathe her :S

  7. B Said:

    Oh, you still call her Miz Montana. She’s going to freak out and desperately try to show the world she’s not little Montana anymore.

  8. A Said:

    Kat’s outfit matches from head to toe (earrings, dress, shoes) but it’s just not working for me. Its not appealing and she doesn’t fill out the dress.
    Although I’m not a fan of Miley’s new look (her hair), I have to say she definitely wins. She shows off her shape and her eye makeup looks amazing while neutral. The shoes are nice and simple along with the he minimal and non-complex accessories which really draw attention to the dress, ensuring focus on the dress. It is NOT overwhelming.

  9. Sam Said:

    MC for sure! Kat’s hair is really odd for this outfit. I just don’t like anything about her look.

  10. Natasha Said:

    Miley rocks this look. It really fits her new style and her shoes and hairstyle round off the look perfectly. This look doesn’t fit Kat at all.

  11. Liam Said:

    Kate’s version is classier, Miley looks tacky. It’s too short.

  12. Lika Said:


  13. Christina Said:

    OMG!!Miley is so disgusting!!Kat can pull it out great..and she shows it here.<3 her.

  14. Marina Said:

    love kat and miley… yet miley’s look is stunning, she rocked!

  15. Alexis Said:

    Kat Graham’s stylist is not doing good. i love Kat so much more than Miley but still. This is on dresses not who I like more. Miley wins I guess. Still love Kat.

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