WTF Alert: Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” Cover Art

Ever notice how singers like Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift never resort to skimpy clothes and ubiquitous underboob to sell records? Keep that in mind as you look at the cover for Miley Cyrus’ new single, “We Can’t Stop”…

miley cyrus

Doesn’t seem that scandalous? Oh I’m sorry, perhaps you haven’t seen this…

miley cyrus

OMFG Miley, we get it: you have a great body. You have breasts. Must we constantly see 99% of both?

If MC wants to be taken seriously as an artist then perhaps she should act (and dress) accordingly. Do you think Miley’s cleavage will sell albums or is she forever doomed to be Hannah Montana?

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  1. K Said:

    I will never understand why we constantly turn the natural form of our bodies and self-love into some sort of scandal. She (as well as many other women) is confident, loves herself, loves her body, and is successful for herself. Bonus if other people also like her body. Get over it.

  2. M Said:

    That’s not the cover… Check Itunes.

  3. ~E Said:


  4. V Said:

    I agree with M. It’s OK if Miley does that, she has the body for it. It’s like a swinmsuit, and many women wear this kind of cleavage-showing one piece. I do not, but it’s my choice, and Miley clearly made her’s. She’s gorgeous.

  5. Jesse Dictor Said:

    Lets just take a second here and reflect on how image influences music, and our expectations of music.

    Taylor Swift’s image of being an innocent young girl would be shattered if she was hyper sexualized. Lana Del Rey also promotes a very specific image- sering Indie pop to an adult alternative audience.

    But what style of music is Miley Cyrus? Party Pop – Club Pop. Thats right, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga.

    This “article” is awful. You know nothing about music to post this.

  6. L Said:

    Why do people always hate on Miley? She’s a great artist and many singers like Britney Spears, Madonna,Pink, Katy Perry (w/ her giant boobs) have done much more in covers than her. Get over it

  7. Nora Said:

    Miley will always be Hannah in my eyes

  8. L Said:

    I think Miley is old and wise enough to pick out her own clothes. Can you blame her that she wants to show she is more than Hannah Montana? She just dresses in totall accord with her music and her showing her beautiful body shouldn’t influence what we think about her talent.

  9. Mj Said:

    Although I agree the visualization and clothing choice fits the genre, I don’t believe she needs to excessively use her body to the extent she is to promote her music. However, I do believe that she should be confident in herself and her personal successes. There was a time and place for Hannah and that time has PASSED. I am loving Miley’s new sound and can’t wait to hear more.

  10. E Said:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t like this. AT ALL. If she is confident with her body, good for her. The first one isn’t so bad but the second one…. I don’t care that she dresses that way, but please TRY and not show us everything.

  11. Annette Said:

    that bitch is forever hannah montana. i think disney should make hannah montana a rated R now.

  12. Kate Said:

    There are other ways of showing you are confident with your body without showing it off. She is supposed to be a role model, instead she is showing girls that they need to be promiscious for people to like them. Whatever if you are wearing a bathing suit but there is no reson to pull it over and expose more than necessary. If she really wants to define herself as a confident woman, then she should show a little class. She’s not getting respect, she’s enforcing sexual exploitation of women.

  13. GetOverIt Said:

    You’re on Gossip Girl, you should know better by now. Nothing is sacred and if it can be slammed it will be slammed. Get used to it.

  14. F Said:

    Why is that scandalous ? You see more skin on many beaches in the world. She’s a beauty and she knows it. That she uses this for her favour is just natural. If she were nude your discomposure were understandable but this nothing to fret about. Personally I prefer a CD-Cover with MC like that than Beth Ditto on it ;)

  15. M- Said:


  16. L & M Said:

    Miley I used to love you but now EWWWWWWWW…

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