Love or Loathe: Miley Cyrus’ Live Performance of “We Can’t Stop”

At some chilling low point last week, something awful happened: I began to like Miley Cyrus’ new song, “We Can’t Stop.” Ugh, I know right? But don’t worry my loves, I’m still tres creeped out by the video. But, I still tuned in to watch her sing her new hit on Jimmy Kimmel Live hoping that an in-person performance would be less bizarre than the video.

I was wrong. MC went out of her way to make the appearance as in-your-face and awkward as possible — ditto for her performance on Good Morning America, where she seemed to be wearing a large white diaper.

Check out MC on Jimmy Kimmel and tell me if her new single is even stranger IRL…XOXO.


  1. Kalyn Said:

    wtf is she wearing..

  2. doris anderson Said:

    I thought Miley rocked, by her self and with willIam was realy good, she is realy skiny though, but she was great, loved it!!!!!!!

  3. Paula Said:

    Hate it.

  4. Mc Said:

    Love her. She’s awesome. She may not be Hannah Montana anymore, but she’s still got it!! Go Miley!

  5. drizzle Said:

    it seams that she lost her sense of style..

  6. lindseymgardner Said:

    The crowd surfer in neon yellow…

  7. Sam Said:

    She sang it well but WTF to the performance.

  8. Max Said:

    That was pretty bad. She went off-key a lot. Her outfit… well, as a warm-blooded male I liked it, but I must admit it looks pretty ridiculous. She has her own sense of style, I guess.

  9. Sam Said:

    I think her look is tacky! The shorts look like spanx and the jacket looks like something Justin bieber would wear which says enough in itself!!!! I think she wants some publicity because of her break up! Sadly I never saw this coming from her! I figured it would be Hillary duff!

  10. tori Said:

    Total trash!

  11. Alice Said:

    she walks like a stork in those heels, and the outfit is hideous. the performance was as awkward as i could’ve been. all in all it reminds me of amanda bynes but in a more… sober way.

  12. B Said:

    OMG if you can’t walk properly on a pair of shoes, don’t wear it!
    And what’s with the jacket and the dry humping and the groping? Is that what’s in right now???

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