WTF Alert: Miley Cyrus’ Weird Back Yard

Remember, my lambs, when Taylor Swift described her Nashville home decor as “Tim Burton-Alice in Wonderland-pirate ship-Peter Pan”-esque and everyone recoiled in shock because it sounded more like Miley Cyrus’ interior design dream scheme than prim and proper Taylor’s? Well dolls, the good news is: that is not how Miley’s home is decorated, actually. The bad news? It’s worse.

Miley Cyrus


One of Miley’s pals recorded a video of her backyard and while she certainly has some killer views and a rather refreshing looking pool, the rest of it appears to be rather, well, just see for yourself….

Miley Cyrus back yard

@Katy Weaver Instagram

Oh I see… Miley hit up the Hollywood Video going-out-business sale. While she probably intended for this to look just sooooo meta and cool (because they’re in Hollywood, ya’ll get it?!), it just seems awkward and not at all inviting.

But I suppose those clearance-rack sofas are cozier than a teepee…

miley cyrus backyard


Her yard is also littered with “art…” this random horse:

miley cyrus backyard


Ugh. Is this seriously the best she could do in terms of outdoor decor? What about a chic fire pit or St. Tropez-esque loungers? While I as a New Yorker absolutely lust over pools and outdoor spaces, this is one Hollywood haven that I have no interest in.

Is MC’s home just as bizarre as you expected or actually tamer than you feared?

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  1. Paige Said:

    It’s her house.. Why does it matter? And it’s y’all, not ya’ll. If you’re writing a blog, learn to spell.

  2. StarlightRiku Said:

    Well it’s actually y’all and not ya’ll that’s just dumb (coming from an actual Texan) and hey it’s her house she shall do what she pleases, but hey the teepee could be a legit smoking room hookah and all inside you don’t know!

  3. paul Said:

    I love it.

  4. QueenB* Said:

    well… I think she really has serious issues with horses… just saying…

  5. Jess Said:

    It’s stuff that’s got some sort of meaning to her, It isn’t weird because it’s Random, it’s weird because it isn’t what you like. I think it’s nice.

  6. Claudia Said:

    What is so awkward about this backyard? I live in the Napa Valley, which is huge on art, and more than enough houses look like this, if not more exaggerated. Believe it or not, that horse is art. It’s called a sculpture. My neighbor has a sculpture of a man made out of rusty metal parts on his front lawn. Really not that absurd..

  7. J.L. Said:

    First let me start by saying that it’s “y’all” and not “ya’ll”
    Secondly it looks like maybe she was high on some sort of drug when deciding on the decor…. Who paints their outdoor kitchen vom green? The Hollywood sign was definitely thrifted from a tacky video game shop. The teepee would be appropriate for a children’s themed Pocohantas party, not for an adult.. Her taste is despicable and tacky.

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