Is This Miley Cyrus’s Worst Week Ever?

It’s only Monday, but Miley Cyrus already seems to be enjoying the most miserable week of her life. First, cops caught a scissor-wielding stalker on her property at 4am (luckily MC wasn’t home) who declared that “Miley is my wife.” Then, Miz Miley found herself on the other side of the law as the LAPD declares her a suspect in criminal battery committed late Saturday night at hotspot Beacher’s Madhouse.

Apparently some pleb club-goer bumped into her fiance Liam Hemsworth and the pair exchanged not-so-nice words. Miley then stepped in to make things worse break it up and ended up shoving and punching the guy.

Tsk, tsk Miley. I thought your preferred party behavior was kissing girls and downing shots? But I guess now that you’re growing up, you must diversify…XOXO.

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