Cute or Ew: Miranda Kerr Recording a Song?

File this under “S” for “Stay In Your Lane.” I hear that supermodel Miranda Kerr isn’t content to be thin, gorgeous and rich with active knowledge of Orlando Bloom’s sexual prowess. No no. She also has to be musical.

Apparently MK is planning on recording a duet with Broadway actor Bobby Fox after he “convinced” her to put her oh-so-amazing vocals on a track…

“I usually just sing in the shower but @thedancingfox convinced me to record a duet with him,” she tweeted on Sunday.

Miranda Kerr recording a song


So what tune will this twosome choose? An Elvis song. Elvis and Ann Margaret’s “You’re The Boss” from Viva Las Vegas, to be exact. While Miranda insists that the whole thing isn’t a career change, but rather “just a bit of fun” I have a feeling that she’d be thrilled if the tune topped the iTunes charts, wouldn’t you?
But am I being too hard on poor pretty MK? Why, we don’t bat a lash when singers try to act–should the reverse be any different? Or does it irk you too that Miranda isn’t content with what she has? Sound off darlings, and tell me what song she should sing next should this one be a hit!

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  1. riley Said:

    How about ew? I love Miranda Kerr. She’s an incredible model….but that’s it. She’s an incredible model. I saw the Victoria’s Secret angels in a video singing a Christmas song and they all kinda sucked…including Miranda. I hate to burst her bubble but she’s not vocal material. And I know i may sound rude but I don’t mean to be. She’s just not a good singer…

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