Cute or Ew: Miranda Lambert Debuts New Bob

How many times do I have to say it before the celebrity masses will listen? Step away from the scissors: hair takes a long time to grow back! Country singer Miranda Lambert’s hair is the newest set of strands/extensions to fall victim to the summer bob trend. While her styled ‘do is cuter than some, it’s still way shorter than I’m comfortable with celebrating.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

The country singer – and one half of a country power couple with hubby Blake Shelton – debuted her new look at a Nashville release party for her Platinum album. Honestly, I’m more perturbed by her 1950’s prom dress style at this particular event, but that’s far easier to change/burn.

Miranda had enviable, long, wavy locks before the big change, and I just can’t quite understand why she would give those up. Sure, not everyone can have perfect long locks like Blake Lively (even if they try her coconut oil style secret), but a bob reeks of mom jeans, and is just one step closer to an unacceptable pixie cut.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Hair minion: do send Miranda a recommendation for a stylist that does work with extensions so she can eventually return her hair to its original glory. While you’re at it, send the same referral to all the ladies that have taken on this summer style (on my short list is Jennifer Aniston, Hilary Duff, Katy Perry, Emma Stone, Ashley Tisdale and Kylie Jenner).

Dolls, am I wrong to fight against this trend? Good answer: I’m never wrong. But what do you think about Miranda’s cut?


  1. Shakabird Said:

    I think it fits her perfectly, she’s a beautiful young lady. What woman doesn’t want a change every so often? You go girl!!

  2. Clli Said:

    I really like shorter hair for some girls and new haircut but on her.. It’s a no !
    She looks older with this new haircut. For once I prefer her with her long locks

  3. Oaklandfan Said:

    I don’t think it makes her look old at all! Looks cute!

  4. Sharon Gonzalez Said:

    Her hair looks beautiful. Who are you all to talk crap? Do you look any better i think not Jealous?

  5. emi Said:

    I think she now looks like every other middle aged white woman alive.

  6. sea notes Said:

    Who cares? Anybody can sit away for an
    entire half day dedicated to extensions.
    It’s a huge waste of time plus most of these
    women lose their hair around their faces; hair and scalp smells stinky because it is
    usually not washed regularly so I would welcome her fresh and clean hair with NO ridiculous attached little girl hair…or just go partially bald.

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