Mischa Barton Being Sued For Partying

Well well well. Mischa Barton’s transformation into Lindsay Lohan seems to be complete. After I tattled that MiMi is very likely going to lose her house to foreclosure, I can now reveal that Misch is being sued for $320,000 by a production company which claims that she was too busy partying to film her role in the movie, Promoted.

Evidently, producers tried to get ahold of Mischa to figure out costume sizes and what not to be sure she was ready to begin filming on March 4. Well on March 3 her momager told film execs that her darling daughter was “still in Europe and won’t be available until the 20th of this month.”

To delay production of a film is rather serious. Hundreds of people, who don’t live off a trust fund (can you imagine?), work on a film set, and to delay production means they don’t get a paycheck. Mummy always taught us to treat our employees well–minions are another story though, obviously.

So what was MB doing in Europe? Partying, of course.

Mischa Barton 8th Annual BritWeek Launch Party - Inside

David Buchan/Getty Images

Producers were absolutely livid when they peeped a slurry of breezy party pics from Rome and beyond when she should’ve been on set fulfilling her contract. Now they want payback.

“The ‘actress’ is now being sued for the $20,000 advance she got, $200,000 in marketing expenses, and $100,000 which they say they will lose because Mischa’s not attached anymore,” says TMZ.

You know loves, if I ever found myself near-homeless (ha) and someone offered me a job (HA), I’d be there with bells on, not gallivanting around Europe. The Continent ins’t going anywhere–but her job prospects certainly are.

Do you think MB should win this suit against her or do the movie makers have every right to demand her money back?

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