Mischa Barton May Lose Her House

There’s nothing quite so terrible to endure (nor quite so entertaining to watch) as someone who goes from riches to rags. Case in point, poor Mischa Barton. I hear her eight-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion is being foreclosed upon because she’s $100,000 behind in her mortgage payments. Misch bought the manse back in 2005 for $6.4 million when she was the queen of The O.C. but since she’s spent more time shopping for unflattering jorts and going to rehab than actually working, it seems she can’t quite keep up that lifestyle.

Mischa Barton Pre-Wimbledon Party Presented by Dubai Duty Free

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But perhaps MIsch was never actually able to afford that massive estate since she had to take out a $4.2 million loan just to purchase it. Perhaps she didn’t actually need eight bedrooms, and umpteen bathrooms. She tried to sell the house in 2010 and again this January forĀ $8.6 million but no takers. Mischa also struck out when she attempted to rent the home for a whopping $35,000 per month. So now, the bank is coming to collect.

When something like this happens to a celeb who at one time was the ultimate It Girl, do you feel a rush of pity or do you waggle your manicured finger at her financial clumsiness? And do you think Mischa will rise again, or is it time this 28-year-old get a job like everyone else and let go of her A-list dreams?


  1. L Said:

    Ha! Why debt yourself to your eyeballs could have a bought a modest home outright and lived a comfortable lifestyle.

  2. no Said:

    wow she’s only 28? that’s so sad. I’d say it sucks, but she shouldn’t have bought a house she knew she couldn’t even afford to begin with. AND i’ve seen several pap shots of her with many different hermes bags. I don’t think she’s very smart in terms of managing the business and finacial side of things. She could have done so much but she spent the entire time letting herself go.

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