LOLz of the Day: Miss Utah Wants to “Create Education Better”

Marissa Powell The 2013 Miss USA Preliminary Competition


I’m more of a debutant girl than a pageant girl, however I can’t help but play this clip from last night’s Miss USA pageant over and over again.

During the intelligence Q&A portion of the competition, 21-year-old Miss Utah Marissa Powell was asked about women in the workplace making less money than men and what it says about society. Her answer was a hot mess:

“I think we can relate this back to education and how we are continuing to try to strive to [awkward pause…] figure out how to create jobs right now. That is the biggest problem. I think especially the men are, um, seen as the leaders in this, and we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. Thank you.”

She obviously didn’t go to my prep school. My former teachers would have been horrified if I had constructed a response like that. But I guess she really nailed her point about the education system in America, huh?

Watch the train wreck below and tell me how you would have answered the question. XOXO

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  1. Ciara Jarvis Said:

    “My former teachers would have been horrified if I would have constructed a response like that.” Well, GG, you just put two conditional perfects together, one of the most common grammatical mistakes made by Americans. Until you learn to say “My former teachers would have been horrified if I had constructed a response like that”, I would say your teachers are, in fact, horrified.

  2. Kateryna Said:

    @Ciara Jarvis WIN!

  3. Maria Said:

    @Ciara Jarvis thumbs up for you!

  4. Gossip Girl Said:

    @Ciara РTouch̩. XOXO

  5. GiGi Said:

    Haha! Love it…

  6. majan Said:

    @Ciara- bravo!!! booo GG!!! hahahaha :p

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