Why Did a Model Flip Off Kylie Jenner & Scott Disick During a Fashion Show?

Note to all you aspiring It Girls: there are some social sins that are tres unforgivable. They include (but are not limited to): drinking red wine at a white party, taking two swag bags from an event, and especially, talking during a fashion show. Not even the biggest celebs are allowed to chit chat while models strut the runway, and it seems that Scott Disick and Kylie Jenner are no exception.

At yesterday’s Day By Day Fashion Show at LA Live (whatever that’s supposed to be), model Caroline D’Amore–who also happened to design the collection coming down the runway–gave Scott and Kylie the finger when she caught them talking during the show…

And I love her for it.

Isn’t it about time someone put these “celebrities” in their place and forced them to at least adhere to basic etiquette if they’re going to dominate our magazine and televisions? Or, are people taking the rules of fashion–and shows–way too seriously?

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  1. Alexa Said:

    completely agree! just because they’re a-listers does not give them a free pass on common courtesy.

  2. lies Said:

    Maybe she coul’ve done it in a more appropriate way, but kylie has no right talking during the fashion show

  3. Jonnyjonjon89@twitter.com Said:

    I Loved It!!!! Respect the art or just GTFO and leave the fashion to people who can appreciate it and aren’t just there for the screen time…#rude #rude #rude and respect to the designer/model for putting them in their place!

  4. chaney Said:

    love it !!

  5. gaby Said:

    perfect. so much respect.

  6. b Said:

    Guess Kylie won’t be getting booked by her anytime soon. LOL

  7. Blair Waldorf Said:

    Well mistake me if I’m wrong but all four of them had made a comment that they are “friends” to the media and were just having a bit of a laugh. Really Gossip Girl get your facts right and your precious “It Girl” Serena talked her fair share at my shows. So I’m still waiting for actual goss xox

  8. mäklare hemmesta Said:

    As i at first commented I clicked often the -Notify us when innovative comments are generally added- checkbox plus already if a feedback is additional I have four email messages when using the very same comment. Might there become however youll be capable to wipe out me from this provider? Thanks!

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