It’s Over! Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland Splits From Matt Prokop

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland is oh so single, darlings. I hear that she’s broken up with her boyfriend of five years (!) Matt Prokop, whom she met during an audition for HIgh School Musical 3. Despite their young age, the pair were already living together and he had helped nurse her through her recent kidney transplant.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

I have a sneaky suspicion that these two parted ways a few months ago, but waited to announce the break up until after she was past that weepy, pathetic, gross stage. It’s tres uncool to burst into tears on an Emmys red carpet…unless of course you were looking at Lena Dunham’s deranged outfit. Then it’s totally understandable.

So sorry, Sar, but on to bigger and better, I say. Five years with one person is more than enough. And now you can finally take advantage of Sofia Vergara’s leftovers!

Let’s play fantasy matchmaker for SH and decide whom she should date next. Orlando Bloom? No–too old. Justin Bieber? No–I don’t hate her. Ooo, Kellan Lutz? Joe Jonas? Leave your best matches in the comments section…I’ll make sure Sarah sees them.

XOXO, gossip girl.


  1. Annabelle Said:

    Not sure I believe 23 is astonishingly young to be living together…

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