Kim Kardashian Is The Saddest Bride Ever

I may not be a fan of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but I am a fan of wedding pictures–no matter who they belong to. So naturally when my minions alerted me that new pics from Kimye’s luxe nuptials were posted, I grabbed my laptop, jumped on my plush bed and started clicking.

First up, Kim posted a family pic of her, Kanye, and North–who, let’s face it, looks like she wants to be anywhere else in the world… I hear ya, Nori! But really, you could say the same about Kim and Kanye. It’s called a smile, guys. All the pics in the bridal mags (which I may or may not subscribe to for fun) have them.

We also got a better glimpse of the bridesmaid dresses in this pic posted by Khloe Kardashian. The girls, channeling Pippa Middleton in all white dresses, look almost as miserable as the bride.

Honestly, I’ve never seen such sad faces in a wedding picture–even my friend who got married at City Hall (it’s a long depressing story involving the word “budget” after an inheritance misfortune) showed more teeth in her pics than anyone we’re seeing here.

What do you think about these shots though? Do you think everyone is really happy (and just having Botox repercussions) or do these pictures only say three words: divorce to come? XOXO


  1. teri Said:

    Momager’s spilling out trying to outdo the others.

  2. Jess Said:

    I think there beautiful shots. Kim has a slight smile.
    And the one of the girls is an action shot their not smiling for the camera.
    Im not following ur blogs anymore ur thoughts are boring and always load of BS.

  3. Dani K Said:

    These gals are not completely natural though not all plastic either. I’m happy to provide an affordable option that this fam and many other celebs (Housewives, others) use.

    As long as you are working out and being healthy, a little helper is alright. This is not a quick fix! But if you’re not beachready or bikiniready right now we can get you there in 2 weeks.

  4. Amy Said:

    I’d say poor North, because she has a dumb mother, but she has the money to combat that.

  5. Kim West Said:

    I think its really pathetic journalism that you judge their happiness based on the two photos you saw.

  6. Jordana Said:

    The baby doesn’t really know what’s going on, so her expression is just the squint of being outdoors in some sunlight. Kim’s expression is practiced. She doesn’t allow herself to be natural so she has perfected that silly blank expression for all photos. Kanye doesn’t smile. Too much doo doo in his head.

  7. MsAtomicBomb Said:

    I hear because they are NOT citizens of Italy, the marriage is null…

  8. dlmagoo Said:

    it looks like Kanye is pissed off about something and Kims dress is ugly as all get out… her hair is flat and frankly she looked a lot happier marrying the younger white guy than she does here. and what the heck is up with mom’s boobs? i so feel bad for the baby.. and the only genuine one in the bunch used to be Khloe.

  9. Bubbah Said:

    Pay attention!! Kum has NEVER married a white guy. She must be seen with black men in order to get the most attention (she’s in love with herself (narcissistic).) The baby constantly frowns because of the crowds and cameras, which unfortunately Kum needs to satisfy her craving for attention.

  10. AmericanBelle Said:

    I think it’s the worst wedding photo I’ve ever seen. They all look miserable. They should have taken another one with them smiling. The only time the baby smiles is when she’s in a picture by herself.

    As for the second picture, it looks like everyone is thinking, “here we go again” with Kanye giving instructions on what do do and how to do it. Afterall, this was HIS wedding and he did all the planning. I guess after so many times at the altar, Kim was tired of all the planning.

  11. Kes Said:

    I have seen the Kanye pics I think this is the moment he said no posting on FB or Twitter unless I approve it!

  12. Risa Said:

    It’s obvious who is in charge in this “family”. Or is it? When do Kim’s wishes get taken into account? Seems Kanye and/or Kris influence take precedent. I’m finally feeling for this ‘Poor little Rich girl’
    Come on Kim…who is in charge here? Yer mom or your husband? You have enough money in your pocket to pick. But you can’t.

  13. Risa Said:

    Kim, it’s time to start making your OWN decisions w/out your families input.

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