More Twilight After Breaking Dawn?

Perk up your ears, Twi-hards. Your favorite vampy series may be undead after all. Hollywood execs say that they won’t rule out further Twilight projects, such as back stories into the characters or an animated show.

Would you like to see Edward and Bella live forever? Or does someone need to put a stake in this super sappy series?




  1. Emily Taylor Said:

    I absolutely adore the Twilight saga. But they’re going to take it way too far if they don’t just let it be done after Breaking Dawn part 2 is out. They should let it go out with a bang, not drag it out until people are bored to death of it.

  2. Nichole Said:

    Uh no! They are done. All those greedy excecs want is money.

  3. Ms_hallie Said:

    No way,they need stop here at breaking dawn 2.. It has to be thy final. Xx

  4. BeadlesGirl Said:

    I recon they should stop at breaking dawn part to or it will go on forever
    (pun not intended)

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