A Collection of the Big Mother/Daughter Fights on Gossip Girl

Mother’s Day is approaching, and you all know what that means: flowers, chocolate, and cards proclaiming your love for your mothers. For the girls of Gossip Girl, however, it probably means yet another fight. As Gossip Girl says, “In every girl’s life, there comes a moment when she realizes that her mother just might be more messed up than she is.”

From all these Upper East Side family power struggles, here are a few that stand out as the biggest and worst moments of mother/daughter drama in the show. What are some other good fights? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Lily and Carol vs. CeCe

Whatever happened to forgive and forget? Well, apparently that wasn’t CeCe Rhodes’ policy, as we discovered when she left her inheritance to Ivy Dickens instead of either of her daughters. Why? Well, we can assume it’s because they didn’t follow her orders. Though this wasn’t technically a ‘fight’, it followed a long line of power plays between mother and daughters, but it’s pretty clear that CeCe got the last say here. No wonder Lily looks so shocked.

Lily vs. CeCe

Before Lily grew up and grew stricter, she was pretty wild—following around bands, dreaming of being a photographer and dating Rufus Humphrey in his Lincoln Hawk days. As we can all guess, however, her mother CeCe wasn’t too happy about that. Love or money? That’s the choice she forced Lily to make, telling her that it was either Rufus or her inheritance.

Blair vs. Eleanor

Remember Blair from Season 1—when she was bulimic and completely stressed over her parents’ divorce? She wanted to have her father over for Thanksgiving dinner, and her mother Eleanor said she invited him and he just ditched, and then spent the rest of the evening clearly favoring Serena, Blair’s ‘best friend’ over Blair herself. Well, as it turned out, Eleanor did not, in fact, invite her ex-husband and Blair’s father, not only ruining Blair’s Thanksgiving but also trying to ruin her relationship with her father and causing her to have a binge session. Nicely done, Eleanor.

Serena vs. Lily

It’s pretty clear that there’s some tension between Lily and her daughter Serena, but Lily took it a little far in episode 23 of season 2, having Serena arrested for “stealing jewelry”, which she never did. Her real crime? Not listening to her mother’s advice about a money scandal. Ouch—isn’t that punishment a little harsh, Lily? Especially considering that you were once a ‘wild child’, too.


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